Things are heating up  

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1/14/2006 9:04 am

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Things are heating up

Had a great night; we explored a part of one of my fantasies. We started with something hubby enjoys; watching me play with myself, using my hands and if the spirit moves? A toy.

I am fortunate, I'm not a "one time a nighter." I am capable of achieving orgasm as many times as the opportunity presents. I do know that I'm lucky in this regard - a lot of my friends are not able to do this. Believe me, there isn't a day that goes by when I am not very thankful for this.

I was pretty horny after dinner, hubby and I had spent a few hours discussing our current situation, fantasies and where we were taking our sexual relationship. I have a vivid imagination and this usually leads to me getting damp in the nether regions...

Hubby was in the kitchen, I gave him a wink and told him I was going upstairs to "rest." That's our little code for "I'm horny and I'm going to start without you."

I may have mentioned that I bought a couple of new toys and I tend to be like a kid when it comes to new things. I just play them to my heart's content or, at this stage of the game, my pussy's content. Last night? We managed to raise my contentment to a whole new level.

Looking very forward to tonight; he's not playing hockey and we have nothing on the agenda. I would like to explore the dominate fantasy a bit more. He was great last night - flipped me on my stomach like I was as light as a pancake and he managed to "content" me even though I had already contented myself several times.

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