French Press Coffee  

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4/11/2005 4:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

French Press Coffee

Every coffee drinker needs to try one of these:
(link censored by AdultFriendFinder)

You can get one for $25, they make better coffee than coffee makers, they're easier to use, and they're easier to clean.

I like to make extra and drink it with milk the next day after it's good and strong.


AdultFriendFinder Denied this post when I first posted it. I'm assuming it's because of the link that was put in before. My post was not a solicitation. I don't know if the website I posted even sells products. It was a website for coffee lovers.

Blogs need to have links in them to be interesting. They are after all, web logs. They began as logs of websites people visited along with their commentary.

I expect this sort of tacky censorship from a free website, but not from one that I pay for that's supposedly monitored by real people.

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