The M word  

causticjenius 38F
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2/6/2006 10:38 am

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The M word

Love and marriage, love and marriage..

See, here's my schtick with marriage. I'm NOT getting married. I refuse to. Legal marriage is just asking for trouble.

What I want is a lifelong companion without being legally binded to him. Monogamy, living together, the whole 9 yards. Everything that happens in a marriage minus the legalities.

I see too many couples who have fallen into this stereotype: they know each other for a short period of time say, two months. They get hitched. They may or may not get pregnant after say, two months of marriage. Then they want a divorce four months into their marriage, sometimes with a baby on the way.

I want the U.S. to adopt the policy of forcing a couple to be legally engaged for a year before they can get married. Instead, I see politicians making it easier for marriage and harder to get a divorce. Even if it is difficult to get a divorce, it will still happen if one is in a bad enough situation. Making it easier for marriage is only going to cause the divorce rates to go higher.


The Ex left a message on my machine. BLARG! The guy took my car without my permission, and he leaves me a message to call him BACK? wtf?!

rm_happymike42 59M

2/6/2006 11:04 pm

you r so right about waiting a year! thats a law we all could live with

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