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3/3/2005 9:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Not being able to check out those who check me out...
Cashiers who really shouldn't be cashiers...
Not being able to get off by masterbating... lol

I'm sure there are others, but these are all that popped into my head at the moment. What frustrates you? Either sexually or like pet-peeves.

manupforall 60M

3/3/2005 1:31 pm

Slow chat rooms on AdultFriendFinder.

People who lie pretending to tell the truth.

What do you mean you can't get off by masturbating?
May I offer my assistance?

(Neil M)

3/7/2005 5:39 am

lousey blow jobs
people that say they want to and won't
not responding to messages
drivers that drive 35 in a 75 zone
people that have nothing else to do but be bitter

having to masturbate when there's plenty of good potential partners out there


8/8/2006 6:15 am

Pet peeves ---- Not using turn signals Not looking at me in the eyes when talking or trying to sell me something Not being freindly Not having a positive attitude Not taking grocery carts back to the store or putting them in the parking spot Smile not frown

Sexual things ---- Sometimes when I'm not ready for the ACT I like to play with myself or have someone touch and stroke me I also like to touch and massage all areas of her soft body I do not like to have others judge my fantasy's as weird I have a curious thing about new adventures and playgrounds By the way I do have breasts that are AA-B and like to have them played with especially the nipples I like spanking, anal, water sports with the right person and clips to the right parts.

If I am of interest to you please give me a holler
We could meet at a public place and give each the "once over"

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