work - was too mad all day to post this  

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9/11/2006 11:46 pm
work - was too mad all day to post this

so i got to work today with every intention of stocking my desk for my vacation days off with the backlog of visitor's bureau info i have in a box.
now the official place to keep this box is under the table in the hallway that leads to the front desk
yes, i asked where to keep it and that's where i was told to put it. by my boss' boss.
so that's where i have been keeping it.
in it i had a small file card box that i have been getting organized step by step
a whole bunch of durham county visitor's guide books that i called and requested since we give away a few dozen a week
maps. the good ones. the ones i also called and requested
a bunch of official north carolina state guidebooks. the big fancy ones. i got them from a group that was ditching them since i can't convince the state to provide me with as many as i'd like to have
a bunch of mini visitor's guide
and some relocation and home buying guides that the restaurant second empire provided to me

of course when i got to work, after six months of being left alone in that place where only i used it, it was gone
along with a notebook i was working on filling with a front desk quick reference guide
and some of my paperwork

no one has any clue what happened. it was there friday, i had the weekend off, and since my coworkers are used to ignoring it, they didn't notice when it was gone.
one of the bellmen remebers seeing the boxes next to the recycling bin over the weekend
my boss and her boss have no idea where my stuff could be
i checked all the stockrooms and storage areas, all the offices

it's just plain gone
it seems likely that one of my coworkers or the day shift manager sent all my stuff out to be recycled. this REALLY makes me angry

i mean, it wasn't like they threw away any of the stuff i DON'T use like the furniture buying guides that arrive unsolicited in the mail and get shoved into my desk when i am not looking

or like anyone asked marti, the person whose name was written all over the boxes, what should be done with them

months of work gone because someone didn't want a big red paper box and a plain brown box in an unused space under a table in a hallway


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