work - the strangest phone calls  

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8/5/2006 4:23 pm

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work - the strangest phone calls

caller: "this is *john smith.* I stayed there a few months ago. i have an odd question for you"

me: "yes mr smith. (*hurriedly pulls up reservation history*) how may i help you?"

caller: "i'm probably going to be staying at the [same brand of hotel] downtown raleigh but i don't like their pool. may i come use use the pool there?"

me: *has now had a chance to see the guest's information from previous stays* "yes, we actually get that request quite often. but our pool isn't a lap pool. it's a small decoratively shaped pool."

caller: "well i just want to lie out in the sun sometime during a weekday. is it really busy during the week or would i be able to be out there somewhat undisturbed?"

me: "we are a business hotel so most of our guests during the week are going to be at work from 9-5. you should be able to have a nice quiet day in the sun. is there anything else i can assist you with?"

caller: "thank you, you've been very helpful"

me: "and thank you senator, you have a good night and come stay with us any time"

puntachueca 107M

8/5/2006 5:35 pm

I love rerading you've got a book in there somewhere about hotel life...

Years ago my mom worked at a swanky hotel in Beverly Hills... but the back room cast of characters and stories were really outrageous...the elevator operator who was the "official" the whole place was a franchise for little rackets to serve the guests with things not on the room service menu (with management taking a bite)....

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