work - the huge project  

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5/12/2006 10:07 pm

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work - the huge project

there's a reason i use the "frazzled hair" pic for these posts. argh!!

so i spent days working on compiling and arranging information on college graduation ceremonies happening this weekend. my boss wanted it by friday. i had wednesday and thursday off. i took my work home to make sure i had it done.

at 9 o clock this morning i started uploading the data to my website server, emailed a link to work and called work to make sure they got the email and knew what it was. i explained it to the operator and she said she'd tell the guest service manager, the one who assigned me the task.

i finished the data and uploads at around 11, right before my bra caught on fire (see previous blog)

i slept from noon to 3 (overslept of course)

then i raced to work. the very first thing i heard was from the guest services manager: "where are those documents?"

to which i snapped out a hurried reply: "didn't *** print them this morning after i called her and told her to check the email for them?"

manager: "no... you called?"

me: "yeah, i got my phone working on my days off. i called and told her to check the guest service email for a link to my server. i was using my personal software to create them and you asked me not to load my software on the computers here. so i had to take them home. then i loaded them onto my server so you could just open them and print them"

manager: "she didn't even tell me you called. i asked her about those this morning and she said she had no idea. isn't that interesting"

i just started printing the damn things and katie started photocopying. i don't have a printer at home so a couple of them weren't formatted to print quite right it turned out. but a little manual cut and paste and they look just fine.

i'm not worried about me. i know they print all of those emails to make sure we aren't using them for personal business. they'll see the time stamp.

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