work -the funny/complimentary part of my day  

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9/12/2006 12:53 am

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work -the funny/complimentary part of my day

i got a 'talking to" from my supervisors today

it was almost funny to me and i'll bet it's funny to you

my boss L and her boss mr. W took me into the office today and shut the door.
so of course i, smartass that i am said "is this the part where i have to sign something?"

mr W: "no. not this time"

me: "oh, is this about my being late all the time then?"

L: "yes"
mrW: "you really need to work on it. you were nominated as employee of the month again but we really can't give it to you because of your attendance."

me: "well i really don't care about being employee of the month. you know that. but i guess i am setting a bad example. you can't really go around having me be late a lot and then making me employee of the month. that would make people think it doesn't matter"

mrW: "exactly. so do you think you can work on that and come back from your vacation refreshed and on time?"

me: "i'll work on it. "

L: "why are you late all the time?"

me: "i oversleep. constantly. i have three alarms and a cat who sits on me and smacks me while the alarms go off. i can sleep through the leafblower guy. i know he's out there because i dream about leafblowers, but it doesn't wake me. i used to live across the street from a firestation and an elementary school. got so i could sleep through anything. even if i go to bed early, i just lie there awake and stare at the ceiling for hours"

mrW: "what if i call you at noon everyday and wake you?"

me: "you know, that might work. some of my friends have been known to call me and wake me but i can't do that every day. i have a ringer set on my phone to old fashioned telephone ring and it's about the only thing that wakes me"

mrW: "well, i'll try it. or we can change your schedule."
L: "do you need to come in later?"

me: "nah, that's not sending the right message either. i know it's important for me to not get special treatment. that just pisses people off. like the new hires. i make sure to tell them that they aren't expected to work nearly as hard as i do. i've seen them get scared before and i have to explain that i just do all this stuff because i like it and it keeps me occupied. otherwise they feel like the job is too overwhelming and quit."

mrW: "you do work extremely hard. it's kind of amazing. but you need to be here to do it"

me: "eh, you just like me because i show up. even if i'm late, i'm always here"

mrW: "true. you did call in sick that one time last year"

me: "exactly. i'll keep showing up and try to be on time. but that suggestion about calling me wouldn't hurt. i'll try to get my sleep schedule turned around so i can go to bed earlier."

mrW: "good. thanks. i'l be expecting you to be on time when you get back."

well, there's the good news and the bad news. i'm not in danger of getting fired but i am in danger of disappointing my employers. and since they sometimes give me random cash and back me up when i need to get my job done efficiently, disappointment is worse

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