work - the deep south and sexism  

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8/5/2006 2:46 am
work - the deep south and sexism

my coworker was just showing me the $10 he's made in tips in the last half hour helping these old ladies with their luggage.

i suggested that we switch for a bit and i go help with the luggage for a bit

he said "and i bet you would too"

well, hell of course i would. i've helped lots of people with luggage since i got here. i like being able to pick up heavy things again. not as heavy as i used to, before i got sick, but a lot better than in FL in the summer. i can still lift a 75 lb suitcase without too much effort.

when i first started working at this hotel, co workers looked at me funny any time i went to valet a car or lift some luggage instead of making someone wait 15 minutes for the one and only bellman on duty to get back from driving someone to the airport.

since then they have hired a woman to work the bell staff, although she didn't stay too long. just until she finished truck driver school. oddly, a very delicate sort of woman in many ways. think that little sergeant from police academy? yeah, maybe her kindred cousin.

but i had forgotten all about the reaction i used to get from loading up a cart full of luggage. now people expect me to, and the women hired since then... well, hell, if there's valet parking to be done we all check the keys to see how nice the car is. you ought to see some of the tug of war that goes on over who gets to park luxury sedans and sports cars. although i maintain the best tips still come from lil' ol petite me climbing up into the cab of a ford f-350 to park it. i love farm conventions. i use every advantage i've got to get tips.


speaking of tips... i should have gotten one tonight for the ind reading job i did.

t came into the back while i was answering phones and said "these guys ate at a restaurant last year in an old house near a methodist church. which one was it?"

so of course i said "second empire"

she went back to see if that was it. they said it didn't sound right. she showed them directions and they said it didn't look right. she came back and said "no, they don't think it's near the holiday inn like the directions say. they said it's an upscale place near but not right next to a methodist church."

so i went and asked if it was near a large brick building, but around the corner and down the block from a really large historic methodist church...they said yes.

so once again i told them they had eaten at second empire

he said "it just doesn't sound right"

so i went online, printed pictures from the virtual tour and showed them to him. including pics of the inside and nighttime and daylight pics.

he immediately said "yeah, that's it. what is that place called?"

me: "second empire"


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