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work - story time

nice to know i haven't picked up too much of the south. today at work i was conversing with a guest who asked me where i was from. he said he knew i wasn't from NC because of my speech. he asked if i had ever lived in the UK or any british colonies.
some people say i speak american newscaster english and some think i speak colonial british english. thanks to my parents and my drama teacher, anne curtis. i had a british drama teacher for many years, from about age 7 to age 14.
this man was an english teacher from nigeria. which was a west african british colony so has many english speakers. although it changed hands a lot and has many french speakers as well. not so many swahili speakers so i didn't break out the swahili greetings.
but we did have a lovely conversation about lingual shift and the many varieties of english spoken throughout the world.
ok, one of the things i do when i am checking people into the hotel is ask them how their trip getting to the hotel was.
today a lady said she had a terrible time. it was 6 pm and she had been on the road since 8 am for a supposedly 4 hour drive. she told me how she had just gotten a new car battery a couple of days ago and it died on her. the mechanic she went today in a strange town told her that the battery hadn't been connected right. well of course that makes sense. if there was a problem with the connection then her battery certainly could have died from not being recharged. and they could have adjusted the connection, charged her battery and gotten her on the road. or maybe a new battery.
what they did was unforgiveable. i would say unbelievable but i've actually had this happen to a friend of mine (who had the good sense to call me and ask me about it before letting them do the work)
ok...are you at all familiar with cars? and if you are, are you eating or drinking? put it down. swallow. this will make you choke with laughter.
the mechanic told her that "her alternator had been drained by the bad battery"
then they "sold her a new one"
which apparently didn't take too long to install. which means they probably assumed she had no idea what her alternator even looked like. and they didn't touch it at all. just charged her $150 for it. which is ridiculous since a remanufacured alternator for say... a 2005 camry... is about $250 for the part alone. i just went and looked it up
she told me that toyota was reimbursing her for the whole thing since the car is still under warranty. um.. if her car is still under warranty then there is NO FUCKING WAY she could need a new alternator. i mean, you can pretty much get by with rebuilt alternators forever unless you smash it from an impact. or just get new bearings and brushes when necessary.
sooooo... i gave her the news. i told her the basics on how alternators work - if it doesn't store anything then it can't be drained. and i suggested that she take her receipts back and give them hell. and call toyota and have them call and give them hell. and maybe the better business bureau.
she wasn't happy that she got ripped off but she was happy that she found out quickly so she could do something about it. like take it to toyota and find out what they really did.
*sigh* dishonest mechanics suck ass
for some reason people seem to need weird things in the middle of the night. i was trying to leave and one of those crazy calls came in. guest needed milk to take some medication with. and he had in fact called room service before they closed and they took his order. they just neglected to deliver it.
so the night crew was dithering on the phone about what to do i suggested that i take care of it. i called him back and asked if he wanted skim or whole, popped up to the lounge, got him a glass of milk (covered it with saran wrap) and took it to his room. where i was delighted to discover it was the nice teacher i had met at the front desk earlier.
during the evening room 216 came up and asked where their rollaway bed was. i checked and they didn't have a record for one. they had paid cash. and didn't leave a deposit. so there's no way we would have put a rollaway in there with a charge of $10 per night and nothing to pay for it.
so i said i could have one put in, it would be $10 per night and how would they like to pay for it? they gave me $20. i called housekeeping to put the rollaway in.
right before i left (had already done my paperwork) one occupant of room 216 came down and said he didn't need the rollaway bed anymore and could he get his money back? so my coworker told him to put the bed out in the hall and i cancelled the whole transaction and gave him back his $20 (two nights)
then i redid my paperwork (for the third time.)
i went up to check for the rollaway in the hall but it hadn't been put out yet. it was after 11 and housekeeping was gone (the night houseman is out for 6 weeks with a shattered foot)
the night bellman said he'd go check for it in a bit
i went to walmart to buy food since it was now around 12:45 am. after walmart i drove around brier creek looking for new stuff and see what happened to zyng asian grill (coming soon, greek fiesta)
around 2 am as i was about to leave brier creek one of the night auditors called my cell phone. the OTHER occupant of room 216 called down to complain to that someone had gone into his room and taken his rollaway. she told him that we had been waiting for the bed to be set out of the room. we don't go into rooms that late at night unless there are cops involved.
he said he was supposed to have a rollaway in BOTH 216 and 218 and neither had them but he was getting charged anyway. finally i got her to take a look at the accounts for the rooms. she was eventually able to convince him that since he had only paid just exactly enough for the room and tax, no additional deposit (which is against hotel policy, but this group gets away with a lot) that there was no way at all we could charge him for the rollaway, whether he had it or not. i mean... if you don't leave a credit card on file and give us exactly enough cash for the room..... we can't possibly charge you for something.
a guy came for the convention and decided to stay. the room was $100. he wanted two for that price. um... no... that's the weekend rate. and he had four people in the room. officially we were supposed to charge an extra $10 per person, but we never do. he tried to convince my coworker to comp him a second room, to reduce the rate, to give him all kinds of breaks that we cannot do. not without getting fired anyway.
he got a room with a king bed.
a little later he came down and asked if he could change to a room with 2 beds. sure, of course. i asked if he wanted help moving his stuff and he said no, he'd rather move it himself. so i explained that the key would only work for another hour after i moved the room. this is sort of crap.. the key WOULD keep working except that after an hour i send up maintenance to reset the lock.
so he went away
later he came back and asked if he could get a key to the old room because he left something in there. um.. no. we explained that we could have security go look in the room for the phone charger. he wasn't happy. we all bet that he was trying to get access to a second room to try to use it for free. as far as i heard they never found the charger.

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7/15/2006 2:11 am

It must be an interesting place to work......things would change everyday, wouldn't they?

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I'm in the hotel business also. Seen it and heard it all. Until tomorrow that is.

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