work - mightily frustrated  

catastrophegirl 41F
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9/12/2006 12:51 am
work - mightily frustrated

take the previous blog about work and my boxes being gone

put this on top of me having to keep my desk drawers locked by managerial order because people can't do simple things like replace files where they got them from. i keep finding files in all kinds of weird places. i go to look for the nc art museum folder and find it in the main file for parks and outdoors or the folder for movies in sports venues. and someone from first shift decided we needed directions to every ihop in the triangle and cut the tabs off a bunch of folders they decided we didn't need that were keeping the directions to the different hospitals separated and used colored post it notes to make new tabs (which of course don't stay on well)

i just don't get it. i have a mailbox. it's my job to keep all that stuff in order. if you need to print directions to all the ihops in town (what's wrong with the closest one?) then stick them in my mailbox with a note saying you want folders for them. i have a whole box of brand new folders in the UNLOCKED part of my desk. you know, the part where people shove stuff they think i need.

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