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9/6/2006 1:27 am

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work - illogical

the asshat in IT here came by the front desk today to talk to me about the broken power supply for the concierge laptop. i am not the only one who uses it so all i know is i took it out of the laptop carrying bag over the weekend, plugged it in, and it got no power.

he told my boss that he had fixed it. he told me that he has to buy a new power supply and he isn't sure when he will be able to do that.

then he got cranky with me:

he: "what's that FTP program you have on there?"

me: "you mean Total Commander? I put my copy of the software on there so i can upload the front desk information documents to my website and the front desk can get copies when i am not here instead of calling me at 4 a.m. at home"

he: "well it's my job to get the emergency phone calls at home at 4 a.m."

me: "these are for guest questions about restaurants, area businesses and attractions. the way it is now i can update them from anywhere and the front desk can go get the most recent documents at any time from any workstation at the front."

he: "well where are you storing them?"

me: "online, on a server that belongs to my dad"

he: "well that's not secure. it opens us up for all kinds of problems"

me: "how is printing a document off my website any less secure than going to and printing a boarding pass for a guest? or googlemaps for directions?"

he: "you shouldn't be doing that either. i would put a stop to it if i could but apparently the software to run the hotel has to be connected to the internet."

me: "it's my JOB to print boarding passes and directions and help people make restaurant reservations online."

he: "well burn the front desk documents to a cd and give them to me and i'll put them on the local server"

me: "i change and update these documents up to a dozen or more times a week. i can't be burning you cd's every time i add or remove a restaurant. i have them on a flash drive but i only see you every few weeks. i can't leave my flash drive with you"

he: "how about a floppy disk?"

me: "you know, i haven't used the one on my computer in years. i know i don't have any disks. i don't even know if the drive works"

he: "email them to me?"

me: "sure, i can do that. i'll be emailing to you several documents several times a week. can you keep them up to date?"

so i told my boss what he said about us not being supposed to print boarding passes, the change in the way they will be accessing those documents, and that i will be checking every single fucking day to make damned sure that when i email him a new version of a document that he gets it uploaded within 24 hours. too slow for my taste... i work my motherfucking ass off to make sure that we have as few lags in information time as possible and waiting even a day really aggravates me.

and i got official permission to use my semi-work related G-email from work on any computer to email documents to the asshat IT guy

and i got home tonight to an email from the IT guy:

Thanks! I'll put these on the server next time I am out

rm_Ruford 42M

9/10/2006 9:37 pm

Egh, been enjoying your blog up until this...Stories like this
irk me, how do people so incompetent get paid? Especially with
the competition, if from nothing else comp-sci students looking
for extra cash.

rm_Ruford 42M

9/11/2006 9:35 pm

Egh, I can see both sides of that. As an admin, a sports game
wouldn't be a high priority -- so if I was pressed for time,
definitely not something I'd switch off to handle, but going
by the lack of embellishments or grumbling in your statement
seems it was something straight-forward.

IT salaries are just sick, gotta move to take advantage of
them soonish -- Though does sort of beg the question why
aren't you working in the field?

rm_Ruford 42M

9/13/2006 10:52 am

Egh, yeah -- starting to see people asking for degrees, but
thinking that's mostly HR people's doing. Most of the certs
are still worthless, and met plenty of people with degrees
but no clue. Though, if you like people better I see whatcha
mean, when I'm doing customer service I tend to start wondering
things like "Could I improve his connection if we routed the 110V
AC through their forehead?" Obviously, not things one gets away
with touting off to customers...dammit.

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