work - *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*  

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5/24/2006 1:11 pm

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work - *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

3: 03 pm - i arrive at work, late as usual

3: 05 pm - day shift front desk manager (also known as the great incompetent one): "come into my office"

3: 06 pm -

manager: "do you work tomorrow?"

me: "no."

manager: "perfect! i've got a project for you."

me: "yes?" (just picture the left eyebrow going up)

manager: "i want you to get in touch with all the fast food restaurants and pizza places around to make sure they know we have that huge convention coming this weekend"

me: "i did that last month to make sure they'd have time to add people to the schedules."

manager: "and make sure we have plenty of copies of the delivery lists and have plenty of coupons and menus"

me: "i have a box full under the front desk that i've been stockpiling. i have prepared a couple of hundred menu 'packets' with menus and coupons from all the places around in each one"

manager: "well, make sure you have updated phone numbers and hours for all of them and plenty of copies of the lists."

me: "the only reason i haven't made all the copies we'll need is because i don't have any place to store them. all the information is up to date as of the last two weeks"

manager: "get out those japanese translation lists you made for last year in case have any communication problems"

me: "the animators speak better english than i speak japanese, but ok"

manager: "i let the convention coordinator know that you are the go to person for any problems"

me: "brian was here last week and we talked about that. but ok. whatever you say. anything else?"

manager: "no, as long as you have everything ready for them to start checking in friday"

(obviously he expects me to do some of this on my day off? like i was going to be surprised by a convention that is already booked on memorial day weekend every year through 2009. it's not like they are sneaking up on me. this is my third year with these guys and the only unknown is how they will break the jacuzzi this year!)

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