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6/5/2006 10:30 pm

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what i do best

what i do best is find things. information, "how to" skills, local stuff... and i find myself doing this for friends and acquaintances outside of my job as a concierge.
and i am always in need of rent money.
so why not make myself a nice website where people can ask me questions about stuff in the area?
like last week someone needed info on hotels in the area with jacuzzi suites. for, of course, adult meeting time.
there are lots of personal concierge services out there. i don't have the time to run errands and do chores for people like some of them do. but i do know some people with skills and businesses that would be good for mutually beneficial arrangements (a good friend is a ticket broker, etc) so i could do a lot of things that people don't have time to do.

so say .. someone needs to find out which restaurant is perfect for a first date with someone allergic to something.. they pay me a couple of bucks and the next day they have an answer....
i think it could work. i already have a paypal business account and experience making websites.

any suggestions?

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