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7/15/2006 9:59 pm

if you've been reading for a while you might remember the whole relationship fiasco from back in february. if you haven't... i tried having a relationship with my (at the time) boyfriend, who i had in fact not known in person or been with for very long, and a good friend of mine with whom he had a mutual attraction.
it was a triad for a few weeks and then they dumped me for each other.

well i was staying friends with the couple and even on thursday took T (the female) out to Denny's to get her out the house so she could talk and be somewhere that wasn't just sitting around the house.

suddenly today, on myspace, i noticed that his picture went missing from my main page. see, my theme for my "top friends" is currently visual artists. so of course he was included. and then during a page reload... BAM! his pic is gone. then about a minute later it said i was down by one more friend who had deleted me. so i went to look and sure enough, she was gone too.

i sent an email to see if she was ok. i haven't heard back. but since on myspace you can see if someone has read your email... i had to check. she has. she just hasn't replied.

i mean, i'm sure she has her reasons and i wasn't getting ugly about it. but i would think i would reasonably be due an explanation

oh well. i still have a bracelet i was fixing for her so i think i will just finish it and hang it on her doorknob. if that's it, then so be it.

but i'm still confused

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