this is stupid  

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8/2/2006 5:31 pm

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8/3/2006 6:46 pm

this is stupid

trying to have a text message conversation with my sister over the birthday present i have been building. or rather BUILT except for the base, which she had requested i have her boyfriend help me with because i don't have a working drill or a hole cutting bit.
i have a sabre saw, a sander, a dremel with router bits and stand, all i need is to help making a 2 inch diameter hole.
only he didn't get back to me for a month. and then he got back to me and said he'd help but then we couldn't work out scheduling. i have free time today which he said would be good and he's nowhere to be found.
i was going to buy wood and he said no, he had some.
so now i have parts waiting for a base, and angry sister whose birthday was last week and am severely frustrated.
she's been yelling at me in repeated short text messages (when i asked her to just lump them together since i can't afford to get five messages that would fit in one) telling me i'm an ass because i won't just leave him the parts to let him come up with a base.
i bought all the paint. i know what i have in mind. he makes functional things. i make functional ATTRACTIVE things.
and i've seen projects he's done before. she says he's an engineer but i know he's not. he works for engineers but he never finished school for it. and parts of her kitchen floor that he laid slide around, the roof of her porch leaks in several places where he didn't measure and seal properly.
there's no denying he's good at woodworking, but he's not great. and i want this perfect. she said she'd rather wait and have it look nice too but then said "i don't see why this is such a personal issue for you"
well, let's see.... i have the opportunity to make something for my sister with my own two hands. something she actually wants and would use. it's family. of course it's personal.
she reminded me that my dad makes all the bases for my mom's dolls. i don't see how that's relevant. i make all my own bases for my dolls. always have.
her boyfriend isn't someone i see all that much and certainly there's no parallel between me and my sister's boyfriend and my mom's husband.
so if i have to wait until the 11th when i get paid next, buy a new drill or just a new battery if i can find a cheap enough one, and then a 2 inch hole cutting bit for it.... then that is what i will do.
what i really want to know is why my sister is being such a bitch to me when i am trying to make something for her.
even my mom was cool about it when she asked for a specific one of my dolls and i told her i wanted to reattach it to a new piece of mirrored acrylic and repaint it since the first version was kind of rough looking.

yayog 65M
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8/2/2006 6:28 pm

You should't have depended on her boy friend. I'll bet he's shown this kind of behavior before.

work_account5 44M
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8/2/2006 6:35 pm


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