this guy is driving me crazy  

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8/27/2006 8:53 am

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this guy is driving me crazy

there's a guy. i like him. we tried being friends and things got weird and he had to stop talking to me for a while.
then he wanted to talk and hang out again
i have been trying very hard not to creep him out, not to contact him too often.
the other night i had a bunch of stuff i had to get done, laundry, dishes, dryer repair...
and i originally had plans for the night
plus i can't afford to answer my phone right now so it's pretty much just email and text messages. then when i got home my connection was bad and i was offline for a while.
we had all kinds of miscommunications. then my internet came back up, i was able to call him on skype.
he really wanted to hang out and see me because he's unexpectedly moving to tennessee for a job in a few days and he has his son this weekend so this is pretty much the last time he'd get to see me. only then it was too late because he had to be at work at 8 am saturday

we've really only hung out i think 4 times in person. but we have talked a lot online, and during those times.

this seems to indicate to me that he's actually interested in my company too:

"i am leaving soon and wanted to ground some sort of helloship with you, not just a sexual thing but your conversation in good as well. ok then, later. "

for someone i have known for a few months, wasn't speaking to for a couple of those months due to him having clinical paranoia issues, and have only spent four days with... why does this make me very upset? like wanting to cry upset?
fuuuuuck! this man is driving me crazy too!

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