the week i had  

catastrophegirl 41F
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7/9/2006 12:28 am

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7/16/2006 10:47 am

the week i had

i know, you didn't miss my extra blogs this week and probably enjoyed the break from it.

so i was kind of busy this week.

i worked 16 hours monday and then tuesday night.

this means i slept like the dead on wednesday. good thing i didn't make any plans. when i woke up i just ran a couple of errands and then went back to working on documents.

i didn't sleep wednesday night. thursday morning i got sick. so sick i lost three pounds. that lasted most of the day but i made it to the bank and to work to pick something up that i needed.

then eventually i felt well enough to make the drive out to siler city (i really didn't want to have an illness type emergency on the long drive)

kris and i sat up talking, making a nesting box for the pregnant barn cat so maybe he can trap her to get her spayed after she has the kittens, checking out a big box of cables and cards out of various computers and other people's left over parts, working on me learning new computer things....

and i felt the need to let my ocd out and counted all of his camel cash (a couple of thousand) which was loose all over the place and collecting and sorting his loose change out of boxes and desk surfaces. i really needed that mental health break. took me a couple of hours during which i couldn't think about work or anything else at all.

i ended up falling asleep on the floor of his office and waking up when he told me that my phone was going off. (a miracle at all considering the trouble i had getting a signal out there)

so i showered, he played me a song while i was getting ready to leave, i drove my ass into raleigh (at legal seeds, i can't have another ticket) had lunch and a walk around the museum of natural sciences (and a long stop in the gift shop... there's this bee my mom needs to get for xmas)

i was supposed to hang out with mel but she was sick. and then her power went out so we couldn't communicate. so i got a short nap (although longer than i meant it to be) and headed downtown to ambiorix's show at vignette's. you'd think I OF ALL PEOPLE would remember it's first friday.... so i couldn't find parking. so i gave up.

and went to the bickett to meet my friend kurt who works there and see some art. cool art. sadly, it was the last night. i spoke with the owner about my job and me sending people there. i hung out with kurt for a bit, talked art and shoes and ships and sealing wax. but i didn't make it to cabbages and kings.

i had a party to go to. so i went to a party where i met some people. some of them were art people, some were teenagers (one of whom i had met before) and at least one was a professor at duke. i REALLY need to get some business cards to have on hand for events like these.

then home and some sleep before work today..... work we can skip... boooring.

then out to kulture in downtown raleigh. nice place. reminds me of midtown. music at one end, plenty of seating, the cool tall tables and bar chairs with a couple of sofas. just beer, sodas and coffee now but when i was talking to the owner he mentioned plans to add wine. i agree that he shouldn't go for liquor because then there's all that hassle with licensing and becoming a private club. now he can usually keep it to a low cover (around $3) all of which goes to the DJs so you can't really argue with that [but apparently people do, which is silly. even I can afford $3]

but i like a bar with the hatchet and the indy available and a $1.50 cup of really good coffee.

well, back to my paperwork, which includes adding the new 2nd and 4th saturdays with my friend jae as the DJ at kulture. and trying to figure out how to get through the week on $4.

i think i'm about to make a myspace page for the business.... we'll see how this works out

LustyTaurus 49M
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7/9/2006 6:10 pm

wow...sounds like a hectic week...

I'm glad you made it through safe and sound...

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