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edited: I forgot to add that it all began with me vacuuming a cat. she likes it.

on my way home tonight i stopped for gas. my debit card ($46 in account) was declined at the pump with the message "insuff funds."

the next gas station i went to, i went inside to get milk and pay for the gas. the cashier told me that they were unable to use credit or debit cards inside to prepay for gas, that i had to pay at the pump with a card or prepump the gas and then come inside to pay for it. i said i thought that policy would encourage drive offs at a time when most other stations insist on prepayment because gas prices are at a severe high. he agreed and said that they have several drive offs a day. i said asanta sana, paid for my milk and then went out to pump my gas.

just south of raleigh i thought i saw something in the road. since i have occasional weird vision problems that make me think that i see movement in the road when there isn't any, i was quite shocked when a black man in black clothing jumped in front of my car from the right lane. mind you, this wasn't on a small road. this was on US-1. i swerved right and he jumped to my left [his right] at the last minute. not sure if he was trying to get my attention for an emergency, carjack me or kill himself on my vehicle.

i decided to stop for the next cop i saw and tell them that someone was in the middle of the road. i was a mile south of downtown. dowtown is FULL of cops in the middle of the night every other time i've been there.

no cops. not a single one. i mean, i spend every trip through downtown and on my way home avoiding speed traps. i realized why as i drove past waffle house and saw at least 5 flashing light bars.

then, at 3:23 a.m. ..... i drove over a dove in the middle of highway 401.

time to update the things to do list and get some sleep

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