stupid coworkers  

catastrophegirl 42F
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5/21/2006 10:25 pm
stupid coworkers

so back in march i bought a whole set of 'usb to - various' adaptors for use at work. the very first day i had it i put the pouch with the accompanying double male ended usb externder cables in my pocket. then i went to the concierge desk, then to lunch. i sat down both of these places and somewhere along the way, the cables fell out of my pocket. i noticed it as soon as i got back to the desk. i retraced all of my steps. the pouch and cables were gone.

i asked all my coworkers, i poted notices, nothing....

today i went to the 5th floor storage room. the only people with access to this are the front desk and bellmen. you have to have a key to get into it. so you either have to ask a manager for the key and have a really good reason (like we were out of shaving cream at the desk, like my reason tonight) or you have to know how to use a hotel room key to break into the front desk manager's office and get his keys, which is what we do on weekends.

so pretty much the number of people with access is under a dozen.

i went to look for shaving cream. i walked in and right away saw on a shelf across the room from me - BOTH cables, without the pouch they came in, the 3 foot one was loose and the 6 foot one was loosely twist tied. i neevr even had time to unbind them when i opened the package of adaptors. and they were bound tightly to fit in the small pouch.

i went downstairs and one of my coworkers saw them in my hand. she said "aren't those the cables you have been missing for 2 months? where were they?" (she was the person who helped me open the package and read the instructions so she knew what they looked like and what they were for.)

as far i can figure, one of the front desk or bell staff coworkers picked them up, unfastened the twist tie and realized that it wasn't a normal cable (designed for use with the adaptors, they are 'male' on both ends... this means either end of the cable will plug into the usb port on your computer but you can't plug your camera or flash drive in without the correct connector)

once they realized (probably after taking it home and trying it) that it was not right for their needs, they brought it back and shoved it onto a shelf in the stockroom.

i wish people would just come say "hey, i foudn this thing, was this the thing you were looking for?"

i wouldn't have asked where or when it was found. at least i have them back. it was really embarassing the last time a guest needed a network adaptor and we didn't have the right cable to make it easy to access the port.

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