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8/11/2006 4:36 am

paid bills, bought phone minutes (signed up for the 1000 text messages a month for $9.99 plan, so text away,) put gas in my car, then went to walmart at 5am.

isn't it a sorry state of affairs when buying the good toilet paper and some liquid hand soap to refill your soap pumps feels like splurging?
but all this overtime had to be worth something good.

plus i got some rechargeable AAA batteries for the palm pilot a friend gave me last month. they are charging now. i might as well try to use it. i lose all the little bits of paper and the old palm pilot my dad gave me years ago couldn't read my handwriting or store all the numbers i have for people.

it just really sucks to be out of absolutely everything at the same time. so i refilled my shelves (yeah, even the hurricane emergency canned goods were gone and for a former floridian, that's kinda scary) and freezer with stuff to cook on for a while. of course, more cans, less freezer. cans are cheaper and my ice packs take up about 1/3 of the freezer during the summer. plus there's this massive bag of frozen peas i've barely made a dent in (thanks to my sister for keeping me fed between paychecks!)
the best thing about walmart is that they, unlike any other store around here, carry these horrible cans of hormel tamales.... that i just love. add some cheese, olives (damn, i forgot to get olives!) and bake them, then top with tomatoes (well the plant is making cherry tomatoes at a rate of about 3 a day) and sour cream (also a splurge item from my shopping) and they are just delightful.

speaking of the cherry tomato plant... i thought it might be dying from the heat because every day i go out to water it and check for ripe tomatoes and it seems to be losing more leaves. but today i got a good look at it in daylight and the damn thing is almost taller than my satellite dish and STILL blooming so apparently it's going to keep feeding me until the first frost.

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