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1/5/2006 1:14 pm

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need sleep

i got a couple of movie gift certificates as a holiday tip from a hotel guest (it's very flattering when they actually go buy you something instead of giving out cash... but i could have used the cash more)

so my sister and i decided the best use was for a matinee. we just went to see memiors of a geisha. excellent movie. no, i haven't read the book but i probably will at some point.

she made a comment about the fact that it was just the two of us and a group of four elderly women in the theatre. "that'll probably be us someday"

i managed to not comment on the probable lack of old age in my future and just laughed. and despite the fact that i worked all night and then stayed awake this morning to be sure not to oversleep for the movie .... i actually stayed awake for the whole movie and didn't get drowsy at all. that's how i know it was good. no sleep and over two hours in the dark and i didn't doze off? very gripping.

and we actually managed to remain civil and not fight at all. my sister and i generally do best at the movies. lack of conversation leads to a lack of arguments. it's when we have to talk to each other that things get ugly.

ok, nap time for me and then off to work for the evening

rm_crashtrtle 39M

1/5/2006 4:37 pm

Excellent! I was wanting to see it since I know people said the book was so good and the story seems to be refreshingly original so thank you for the thumbsup review... I do so hope that the catastrophic film critique shall continue in some fashion or other.

Enjoy the sleep and I wish you a pleasant evening at work.

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