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12/30/2005 6:52 pm

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it's a theme now

so i was going to go to a movie with my sister but due to working all night not getting any sleep during the morning she and i decided to postpone. that way i could also get some sleep since i had plans to meet someone for a burger sometime after 9:30ish

how many of you can see this coming? i woke up at 9 like i planned to and there was a text message on my phone... that's right. he cancelled.

steak n shake is across the street from his workplace (where he would have been until 9:15 ish supposedly)and across the OTHER street from my house so i thought it would be nice and convenient and not to much effort expended since this is someone i hadn't met before. i mean, if we didn't get along.. it's just a burger and no one had to go out of their way by more than about a quarter of a mile.

at least he cancelled instead of just not showing up

and of course he said what all of my friends say when they want to hang out at a later point:

"what are you doing this weekend?"

ok, here's the thing folks... i get about one weekend every three months off. and for some horrifying reason, it's usually he first weekend of the month which means i will probably be feeling unwell and curled up in bed with a hot water bottle because my body is sometimes WAAAY too feminine and that is of course NEXT weekend.

this weekend, i'm working. which was so i was so excited to not only have a friday off, but to have a friday off from both shifts AND have it be a payday so i could buy that burger.

instead i find myself at home trying to eat cookies without hurting myself and waiting for water to boil for my vermicelli

i have a good book and a cat who loves me so much that she gets in the way when i try to walk (i prefer to think of it that way instead of her trying to trip me so i will fall and hurt myself for her amusement)

such is my friday night. exciting huh?

at least at this point i know i could invite someone over for dinner and not even bother to clear off the table or pick up the apartment because i know they'd cancel anyway

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