facts of note for hotel employees in june  

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6/10/2006 10:25 pm
facts of note for hotel employees in june

rose petals do not 'sprinkle' - they thunk. you have to individually place the damn things. all six bags of them. and separate all the inner petals manually when the florist just rips the head off the roses and stuffs them in a bag.

we had somewhere between 7-10 honeymoon couples tonight.

i lost count. we had 6 who planned the romance packages but then others just had regular reservations so we were a little surprised when they showed up in wedding attire.

right at 10:45 a couple showed up. and of course they were starving. she commented that after several thousand in catering, she hadn't managed to get a bite to eat. room service closes at 11. but our cooks try to leave early.

and the bellman was at the airport. i must have looked rather comical as i went out to get luggage, went behind the counter to check them in, went out front to get the luggage cart, stopped to call the room service waiter and tell him i had at least one more order coming in, took them to their room, got their room service order, ran to the kitchen and put the order in myself and argued with the cook because he wanted to go home as it was 10:55. fortunately the head chef hadn't left yet and he made the cook agree to make the sandwiches.

and of course the guest didn't know that the wine and card in their room had been what i was doing at 10:25 while they were still getting into the limo at the reception.

then as i was heading back to the front i spotted a couple with a lot of luggage, wearing sweatpants and t shirts. so of course i congratulated them and discovered that they were the couple in whose room i had 'sprinkled' rose petals earlier. they wanted to know how i knew they had just gotten married. it's the hair. you spend that much time getting your hair done and micro glitter sprinkled in it or whatever... it's a giveaway every time. wedding hair has its own aura.

but the guests always appreciate that we think of the little details....

"will you be having your formal wear picked up from us tomorrow?"

"will you be taking our shuttle to the airport?"

and then after someone writes out a card (i have terrible handwriting) that says "congratulations to the smith party on your special day" you wait until they have gone and have another person write out "congratulations mr. and mrs. smith on your wedding day" because this is the first stop after their wedding so we are the first official people to see the happy couple outside of friends and family. of course they want to be addressed as mr and mrs on this, of all days. "the smith party" just doesn't cut it.

what a crazy day. june.... weddings make people nuts

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