are my parents really that cool?  

catastrophegirl 41F
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5/14/2006 10:18 am
are my parents really that cool?

so today i was thinking "i should call my mom for mother's day"

then i realized that she's still somewhere in or around Greece.

and then suddenly i couldn't recall where in Greece she's supposed to be. so i went to the file she sent to see....

"Fri., May 12- Tues., May 16 we dont have reservations; may stay on another island a night or two, may stay in another town, may stay in Rhodes; when we make our arrangements, we will try to text message you sisters phone with contact information"

um... she never did get back to us. so actually we have no idea where in europe my parents are right now.

my parents, in their 60's, wandering through the mediterranean with no reservations or plans. could they really be that cool? can you imagine your parents taking a trip to europe without planning the whole thing and calling ahead?

and yes, working in a hotel i know how risky it is that they didn't check on availability, but then again, my parents did their honeymoon in europe and bought a lot of garlic sausage and stinky cheese so they could have a whole train compartment to themselves so they could sleep on the train when they couldn't afford berths. they can take care of themselves.

hell, i've seen my mom, way back when times square was still a fairly dangerous place at night, pull out a map in the times square subway station at 11 pm. she didn't get mugged or anything.

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