dont want to give this one away with the title....  

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11/15/2005 11:38 am

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dont want to give this one away with the title....

On the tip of my tongue
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So do I lay down or sit in the chair here or what? Never done this before. Do we just go by the hour or until you feel we have finished? Do i just start and you sit there watching and listening to me? IS it really going to make me feel better like everyone says? I feel a need to get this off my chest. hmmmm.... its just there but, well hard to put into words.Something I have been wanting to express here now to you. It's on the tip of my tongue.

Skin smooth warm, the taste intoxicating. Your neck I get ever so close, run my lips across the plain of exposed skin. Wanting more, pulling the shirt back mouth beginning to water. Taste you making me even more hungry breath catches then picks up pace. Teeth sinking in want to take you in. Tongue feeling your flesh your pulse just beneath it tantalizing and being teased at the same time. Below stomach slightly flutters tongue tracing tremors, following the path to where the desire lives.Heartbeat racing climbing no sound heard but the breathing, the blood pumping passionately through, down to, the source, the true heart of love. Little bites on the way tasting enjoying wanting more, wanting all. Then underneath released, love across lips moist from desire pulse even beating inside here. Both hearts beating together. Now to taste feeding a hunger so uncontained... lapping at the pool thirsty for all the love here.. Content, quenched, for now... tasting love. Mouth to mouth sharing, mingling lust and love breathing in heartbeat and desire mouth from mouth to mouth. Then head back heavy deep sigh licking lips..And yes it's love it's you it's on the tip of my tongue.

I smile and close my eyes.

Thank you doctor. Do I call you doctor? It was easier than I thought. So next week same time? Oh doctor your sweating are you feeling alright? Because frankly I feel wonderful now Thank you!

oh and yes it was worth every penny...

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mailmantrouser2 55M
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11/15/2005 1:18 pm

You certainly have a way with words, and a sense of humor too! I have written many a fantasy, but none comes close to this one.

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