My saturday night  

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4/7/2006 9:41 am
My saturday night

Okay, better finish my posts about last weekend before the next one starts. As we left off, I woke up at 5 o’clock last Saturday after going at it fast and furious all night long with my girl Anna, but with no sex toys. My beaver was hungry as I drove back to my apartment to get ready for a night out with my roommate Colleen.

Colleen and I have been friends since high school she is straight, but doesn’t care that I am bisexual. Colleen tells me she is really in the mood to party so I knew we would a wild night. We go out often together but not to any gay bars, which is fine with me on those occasions that we do go out because of all the free drinks I get. Also, I have been able to pick up ladies at an otherwise straight club.

We left about 9:30 after having a few drinks at home so that we could get some seats at the bar. Usually when Colleen and I go out we tie one on and this night was not going to be an exception. I would serve as Colleen’s wingman, at least until she hooked onto a hot guy.

When we arrived at the club it was rather dead, but there was only one open seat at the bar. There were lots of guys sitting at the bar because there was some big basketball game on. We went to grab the one seat when a nice man sitting on one side offered me his seat. I smiled at him and gladly accepted. he asked if I minded if he stood next to me as he wanted to see the end of this basketball game. I said sure considering I just took your seat. When the bartender brought us our drinks, the nice man said asked if he could put them on his tab. I thanked him and we struck up a conversation.

Note to guys … when buying a girl drinks, don’t do it like you expect any favors in return. IF the girl likes you she MIGHT return a favor. It should be more of an “I’m here if you want to talk,” rather than an “OK now come here at let me grab your ass,” type of proposition. With that said, I will turn down a guy who wants to buy me a drink if I am not at all interested. If I do buy a drink and the guy is not a dink, I will often accept an invitation to dance.

Anyway, back to the bar, Colleen and I just finished our first drinks when the nice man offers to buy us another and then orders shooters on top of it. I am a little hesitant because this guy might start to expect something in return if he keeps buying all our drinks, and because he is a bit on the old side and I was not sure yet if Colleen was even interested. But I figured Colleen was accepting the drinks and if he expected something in return she could oblige. After slamming the shooters, the second drink went real fast and there was another shooter and drink waiting for us when we got back from the powder room. After the second shooter I was feeling quite tipsy. The bar was now filling up and some people were now dancing. Shots of tequila appeared for Colleen that some guy from across the bar bought for us.

After finishing the shots and our drinks, we were pretty hammered and it was time to hit the dance floor. I think that one reason Colleen likes for me to come to the bar with her is the fact that I am a lesbian. Although Colleen is straight she likes to put on a lesbian act because she knows it draws attention from the guys. So the two of us are out there dancing close and a little dirty with only a few other people on the dance floor so that most everyone in the bar can see us. I hear some hoots and hollers from a group of guys as I ran my hands over Colleen’s ass. I knew our little trick was working for Colleen, but I had a bit of a hollow feeling as she held me tight from behind and grabbed my titties. You see, I have mixed feelings for Colleen, I love her dearly as a friend, but, at times, I want her in the worst way. So Colleen’s playful caressing is a just big tease for me, but turns me on nonetheless. Hearing the cat calls from the guys, Colleen turns it up a notch or two and kisses me deeply. Considering I was quite tipsy at this point, I lost me senses for a minute and really reciprocated with Colleen, with my hand grabbing at Colleen’s crotch as we continued to kiss. I was getting so turned on I couldn’t help it. Colleen however, came to her senses and pulled her mouth away and asked me what the hell I was doing. Well that knocked me down a notch, but I should have expected that.

Colleen realized that she better let me cool down a bit so she decided to respond to the gestures these guys were making for us to join their table. She grabbed my hand and I reluctantly followed. I’ll rush through this next part as nothing that happened with these guys (or must guys generally) really turned me on. Colleen appeared to have focused in on one guy and we had several more drinks. The other guys at the table were loud and obnoxious. I tried to carry on a conversation with some of them but there were all talking trash about how big their pricks were and asked me to judge who had the longest. I was ready to just walk away when Colleen and her target got up to go to the dance floor and she grabbed my hand to join them. However, within moments those two were all over each other. Colleen was clearly drunk on her ass. Just when I was turning to walk away from their grindfest, one of the more obnoxious guys grabbed me and started to dance. Now, I was not in the mood for this at all. But when I looked at Colleen she caught my eye and gestured that she wanted me to dance with this guy. Apparently she was not ready to go it alone yet. So I danced with this guy hoping the song would end quick. I must have had to rebuff him ten times and he tried to grab me all over. Finally the song was over and I raced to the powder room to get away from this guy.

I stayed in the bathroom a while in hopes that this obnoxious guy would not be waiting. When I finally emerged, I saw him anxiously pacing by the table of guys and I saw Colleen sitting on her guys lap making out. I couldn’t just leave however without talking to Colleen, but I did not want to go over there either. Looking around, I saw the nice man who was once again sitting at the bar. I quickly walked over before the obnoxious guy could see me. I knew I need to appear friendly with the nice guy so that maybe the obnoxious guy would leave me alone. So when I came up behind the nice man, I gently leaned against him letting my boobs press gently against his arm. We exchanged hellos and he bought me another drink. Within minutes, however, another drink arrived courtesy of …. the obnoxious guy. I looked over at the table and he was staring at me gesturing at his crotch. I told the waitress no thanks and she left to tell him the news. Fearing that the obnoxious guy would take no for an answer, I turned to the nice man and quickly explained my predicament. When I finished, he said wait here and walked towards the table. I thought, oh shit I started a fight, but instead he walked over to Colleen got her attention and whispered in her ear. She whispered back and he walked back to me. He explained to me that Colleen said she was OK and that I could leave if I wanted to. He then asked me if he could buy me something to eat. I gratefully said sure and we left the bar together.


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