I met a guy!  

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8/30/2006 10:11 am

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I met a guy!

I met a guy! Yes, I know … I usually am not one to get all excited about a guy. I wasn’t even looking and it happened when I least expected it. It was the weekend of the fourth of July and I was going to spend the weekend at my parent’s cottage with my brother and my sis and their families. I was in a rush to pack on Friday and just threw my clothes in a duffle bag and grabbed all my swim suits because I didn’t have time to figure out what to pack (turns out I was glad I packed them all). Now I have to tell you that when I go up for weekends like this I typically am just wearing t-shirts and shorts, no make-up and often a baseball cap, which is what I had on except for the make-up I put on for work that morning. I also usually just wear a one-piece suit or my more conservative two-piece suits so I don’t freak out my parents.

When I arrived at the cottage I was the last of the family to arrive. I got inside the cottage and saw my brother through the window out by the dock. He was talking to a guy who immediately caught my eye. He was wearing a swimsuit and no shirt and had the hottest body. He was darkly tanned with short black hair. I must have been staring at his ripped body for longer than I thought because my sis had snuck up behind me and made her presence known by snapping my bra strap. She then proceeded to tease me about staring at this guy and she pretended to wipe the drool off my chin. Of course the whole time she was watching him out of the corner of her eye. After teasing me some more, she dropped the bomb on me that this guy came up with my brother (instead of my brother’s wife) from Texas to spend the entire weekend with us. No my brother is not gay–his wife just had something come up and so he invited his friend. When she gave me this news, I felt numb for a minute. I stood there awestruck at the thought that I would get to spend the whole weekend up close and personal with this hunk. My sister then joked that she was going to have to put me on a leash for the weekend.

It was then that I heard my mother’s voice behind us saying to my sis “why don’t you take her down to the lake and introduce her to him.” Hearing my mother say this made me realize she not only approved of this guy but was going to be pushing me to him all weekend long (she drives me nuts telling me I should be married and pumping out grandchildren for her). I also then realized that I looked like shit and couldn’t possibly meet him now. My hair was a mess under a baseball cap. As my mind raced through the clothes I packed, I began to panic–I didn’t pack anything nice! In my panic I reached for my bag and asked my mom where I was going to sleep (there are only two bedrooms). She told me I got the couch and I could put my bag in her room. As I was scrambling to get to her room, the back door opened and in he came! I just froze with my back to the door as my brother called my name. Realizing I couldn’t run away, I dropped my bag and turned to greet them and was petrified I would repulse this guy with how ugly I looked. I put on my best smile and gave my brother an obligatory hug. Then slowly I turned and gazed up into his eyes … omg I almost fainted when our eyes met! My brother introduced us and I just smiled … I was speechless (a rare occurrence for me, I know). When he smiled back and said pleased to meet you, I got my act together and forced out a hello. As my brother explained that Jack (name changed to protect the innocent) was going to spend the weekend, I flashed my cute yet seductive smile and batted my eyes (I know this seems corny, but I do practice some of these looks in the mirror for just an occasion). I would have continued but my sis had come up beside me and elbowed me in the side as she suggested I get us all some drinks.

I can see I am getting bogged down in the details again so I better skip to the highlights or this will become a book. Once my brother caught on that I was hot for Jack he tried to do anything possible to interfere. For reasons I did not know at the time, my brother did not want me to hook up with Jack, his best friend. On the other side was my mom doing everything possible to get my brother out of the way so that Jack and I could spend time alone. My sister just sat back and laughed at the whole scene. In hindsight it was quite funny, but at the time I was ready to kill my brother–and I probably would have (I can take him) if it wouldn’t have been so unbecoming for me to do that in front of Jack. I did my best that first evening to make up an excuse to go into town and buy some clothes. Unfortunately few stores were still open so I had to settle for a couple of tank tops. I did find a nice scarf for my hair that was brown with white polka dots and was the same shade of brown as my string bikini.

When I got back from my quick shopping excursion, Jack and I hit it off–at least as best we could with my brother’s obvious and annoying constant interruptions. I was particularly pleased when it was time to sleep and Jack’s air mattress was close to my couch. Just as I was imaging how I could explain how I would fall off the couch next to him, my evil brother intervened once again and positioned his air mattress between Jack and I.

So the first night was uneventful (as, unfortunately, were all the rest). The next morning I made sure to jump out of bed before Jack could lay eyes on me and I got in the shower and cleaned up the best I could with what I had to work with. It was a hot day and it wasn’t long before it was time to see what kind of reaction I could get from Jack with my little string bikini. Up to this point he had only seen me in a loose t-shirt. Fortunately I had been tanning in this bikini and with the new scarf in my hair I was feeling pretty good about myself. I waited until I heard every one leave the cottage to go to the boat before I emerged from the bathroom. As I stepped out of the door I immediately set my sights on Jack who wasn’t looking at the moment. I let the screen door slam behind me and watched Jack as he did a double take ending with a stare as I walked right up to him. His eyes didn’t leave mine as I approached so I briefly turned to say something to my sister to give him the opportunity to check out the rest of me. And sure enough–I turned back quick and caught him staring at my ass (only about a third of which is covered by my bikini). I then lowered my shades and purposefully checked him out from head to foot and back. I gave him a very seductive smile once my eyes came back up to his. I knew I had him now. If only I could just throw my brother overboard that is. He quickly asked Jack to help him untie the front of the boat so he would have to look away from me. He also gazed at me disapprovingly. It was then that I heard my Dad clear his throat. My heart sank a bit as I knew he was going to voice his disapproval of my bikini and probably suggest I change, which would be much to my embarrassment with Jack within earshot. But to my surprise, my mother shot my Dad a look that I have only rarely seen before. I know she didn’t approve of my extra skimpy bikini but she was willing to let it slide since this was one opportunity she did not want me to miss out on. My sis broke the ice by complementing me on my bikini and scarf as she grinned and winked at me. Later though I think she wished she hadn’t approved of my bikini once she caught her hubby staring at me several times that day.

We had a great day that day out on the boat in the sun having drinks and chatting. We even took a couple of breaks from the heat by anchoring and swimming off the boat. The cool water of course gave me an excuse to show off my breasts to Jack with fully erect nipples. I also made sure I was at the boat ladder each time he was going to climb out of the water so I could brush my boobs up against him or climb up the ladder right in front of him. Another thing I did that I later heard drove him nuts was to re-tie the strings on my bikini bottom right in front of him.

Most the first day we were on the boat having plenty of drinks. When we came in, my mom put my brother to work grilling chicken while Jack and I covered up the boat. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to him. Seems like we had so much in common. I think Jack must have done all the work with the cover because I certainly was taking my time. And I was enjoying watching him move around the boat–gawking at his tight ass each time he bent over.

My brother did his best to screw things up the rest of that night and the rest of the weekend for that matter. We had a campfire and he had to sit between us and interrupt our conversations. I did my best to create opportunities the remainder of the weekend, but they were few and far between. Although I did suggest and use our family’s traditional football game in the lake to my advantage. Even though it is touch football it is easy to trip and fall on each other, which I seemed to do much more than normal at least when it came to falling on Jack lol.

The last day of the weekend came real quick and Jack and my brother had to leave early in the afternoon to catch their flight back to Texas. Seems like I barely had the chance to say goodbye so I made my own opportunity as they were packing the car. I hid around the corner of the cottage from my brother who was busy arranging the stuff in the car. Jack was walking towards me and I grabbed his arm and dragged him around the corner with me. I threw my arms around him and planted a bit kiss on him before he knew what hit him. Perhaps it wasn’t the most romantic first kiss, but at least it was a kiss and I wanted to make sure he knew how I felt before he flew away to Texas never to be seen again. He was apparently very impressed and not put off my aggressiveness as we kissed for a good couple minutes. I only broke off the kiss because I wanted to use some of the time to tell him how much I liked him.

On the drive home I felt so lonely–wondering if I would ever see Jack again. But then my cell phone rang and it was Anna. She wanted me to swing by her apartment on the way home. When I got there she greeted me wearing nothing but stockings and a smile. While I had been away flirting with a guy she had been sitting around thinking of me. My brief feeling of guilt was erased the moment we kissed.

eveready06 43M

8/31/2006 2:54 pm

Awww, how lovely is that! Sounds like you had an experience worth remembering there hun! Good to see you back by the way!

carpetmunchkin 38F

9/1/2006 10:43 am

Thank you Eveready. I am glad to see you like to read my rambling blog posts.

rm_JohnnieSag33 45M

9/5/2006 1:26 pm

Wow! this is the first post I've read, of yours, and it reads as good as fiction. Congrats on the fun adventure and excellent writing skills.

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