Bisexuality and my Religion  

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6/1/2006 8:57 pm
Bisexuality and my Religion

In writing about my bisexual experiences, I cannot help but discuss the role of religion in my life. Obviously, being a Christian, I must give thought to my sexuality, as well as other aspects of my life.

I will not get into the biblical discussions of sexuality. Everyone knows the arguments that liberals and conservatives make to "prove" they are right, both pro- and anti-gay. I have myself swung both ways over this issue over the last couple of years. Some days I will completely agree with the liberal side, and then I will read a conservative commentary and agree with that. It's not that I feel they both are true (two opposing viewpoints of the same issue cannot both be true), but rather that neither are too convincing.

But I have always been infuriating in that way, in that I can see both sides of an issue. I don't see black and white on a lot of issues, but rather different shades of grey. Perhaps some of you can identify with that.

I will go to the Advocate website (a pro-gay site), and read liberal articles that are critical of conservative leaders. I will then read Albert Mohler's webiste (he is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) where he criticizes liberal leaders. Usually, there is something on both sites I will agree with.

Politically, I consider myself to be a moderate. I am willing to compromise on certain issues. Gay marriage is one that I am now more willing to compromise on than I used to be. However, I don't appreciate organizations like the Boy Scouts being put out because they don't accept homosexuality. I have kids in the Scouts, and the experience is invaluable for them.

Last time I checked, this was a country where people could compromise instead of polarize. Why can't we each have our beliefs, and be accepting of others who have different beliefs? If Christianity is correct, God will judge each one of us according to what we have done with our lives. Shouldn't that be enough for us?

I can lie to everyone about my attractions (whether acted out upon or not), even myself. However, there is no fooling God. He knows what I'm thinking. In my life at this point, whether I act on my feelings or not, I have decided to accept them and be honest, at least with myself if no one else. I call myself bisexual because that is what I am, and God knows it.

I am not an activist, however. I don't promote this as a lifestyle. Like I have said before, if I hadn't have gotten married, I'd have been 'partnered' in some way.

Unfortunately, the polarizing debate will go on, with both sides thinking they are right and the other side wrong.

But, like Captian Picard once said: "If we're going to be damned, let's be damned for who we really are."

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