saturdays...and sex  

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7/22/2006 7:02 am

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saturdays...and sex

1st of all, let me wish all that are reading this particular entry a happy Saturday and a great weekend!! I love weekends--this is MY TIME to shine...always plenty of things that I need to do around the house that didn't get done during the week (and i'm sure we can ALL identify with that!!), along with errands that need to be taken care of as well. But Saturdays are also the time when I get to have my "swerve" on--when some lucky man gets a taste of some "hot Carmel"!! LOL

Last weekend was a wild and wooly one--and this particular Saturday will be a very special one for me as I will be fortunate enough to spend it with a guy that has (in a very short period of time) become near and dear to my heart: my baby daddy (or FUBU) Todd! And since he has already given me permission to use his real name here, suffice it to say that he will be part of a very select club that wants everyone to know what it is really like to be with me--on a sexual level and beyond!

Finally, I recently had someone ask me (in a chatroom setting) if I had some more "revealing" pictures...the answer is no. To start with, where my body is concerned I need to be very comfortable with that person BEFORE I go the route of swapping nude pics with them...not to mention the fact that it's really too easy on the internet to use people's pics for "other" things (and please DON'T ask me what things--we are all adults here HOPEFULLY so we should already have a good idea what I mean); finally and most of all I learned a long time ago from a reliable source (my mother--1938-1996, RIP) that there are two things that make you truly sexy: the CLOTHES you wear and your imagination WHILE wearing the clothes!! At 1st I wasn't sure of what she meant by that but afterwards I figured it out. So gentlemen out there who are reading this please take note: I'm from the "old skool" and me sending nudes to you WITHOUT some sort of decent foundational friendship being built isn't gonna happen--sure I'll look at yours (I'm still a horny woman) but me...just never been comfortable with the concept! And to my FUBU: it's SATURDAY!! I'm ready for you!! Are you ready for me?!!

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