recovery time...  

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7/23/2006 9:46 pm

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recovery time...

i know some of you have been wondering when I was planning to put this entry into my blog--sorry to keep some of you in suspense...Miss Carmel doesn't like to keep ANY man waiting for TOO LONG! LOL...anyways last night was the night that I'd been waiting for--the night when my beloved FUBU Todd and i FINALLY tested out the "big BANG theory"...and let me just say that while there were some strange moments (Chicken Fajita pizza from Papa John's and trying to destroy my brand new CD) there were also some funny moments as well (trees that wink at you, waiting for assistance at Wal-Mart, Dollar Store dancing, rude people, etc.)...but to sum the evening up in one word--WOW!!

The "big bang theory" was a pop--but DAMN!! WHAT A POP!! FUBU, if you EVER want Round 2 & 3, you know the # to call...and i will gladly bring the Hoover!! HA HA HA 1st and foremost, Todd is a true gentleman in the sense of the word--he protects you at ALL times and makes you feel like he really wants to be with you and only you...2nd, he goes out of his way to make you laugh and help you feel at ease around him...and 3rd (but most importantly)? DAMN!! HE HAS GOT A COCK--AND HE KNOWS HOW TO USE IT!! i could've rode the man for days...and it would've made us both happy!! Pictures do not do that cock justice--he was INCREDIBLE!!

so FUBU, round 1 defintely goes to you...and there will be a round 2 in your domain--come hell or high water!! and i am looking forward to some hot tongue action as well!! so rest up, take ya vitamins and Viagra (not that you need it!) and call know I got what you need!! smooches to my baby daddy...

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