early in the morning...  

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8/5/2006 12:56 am

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early in the morning...

ok world...how this for a "hot shot"?? my FUBU Todd took this while we had our evening of fun together and it's as close as anyone on here is going to get to any sort of nude picture of me!! and suffice it to say this IS my picture of me and my ass (as Todd will vouch for) in all it's heavenly splendor!!

My bf (who i really don't mention in here much due to being a absolute bore in the bedroom) has just come in from work and apparently wanted to get on the computer and view his porn videos...oh well!! everyone (but him) knows that 90% of the time the videos in question are of girls who are either bi or lesbian anyways...but if that's what floats his boat then cool...carmel's got a couple of yachts cumming into her harbor to dock!!

(1) Chris: my oh my!! what can i possibly say about Chris that hasn't been said already?? I am falling hard for him--and we haven't even had sex yet!! Meaning that when it does happen (and it will, trust me), the search will probably end for a fuck buddy and I'm just basing this on our conversations!

(2) Todd: he's my baby daddy and I would never say "NEVER" to him and his equipment!! in fact if I thought I stood a snowball's chance in hell of making him change his mind about things that we talked about on the phone and in person, then...but alas! such is not the case--but it never stops me from thinking about my FUBU!

(3) Josh: when you travel over three hours just to see is Carmel is worth all the hype, it means you get special thoughts in my book (of lovers)!! he's got some good skills I will say that--and he is a real sweetheart to boot!

(4) Matt: a recent arrival to the world of Carmel--we got together this past Sunday evening and I was in danger of oversleeping and being late for work the next day!! Matt is an older gentleman (51) but looks much younger...the poor thing really tried hard to hang with me, but he fell by the wayside towards the end!! I promised to give him another opportunity when he was ready--hopefully he'll take me up on it!

(5) just another common joe: is "joe" the real name or is it the alias?? such mysteries are to be truly pondered!! he is a very intense lover to say the least and is always willing to hook up with the carmel one and have a few hours on crazed frantic sex...ah! to be in LUST! such a thrill, baby!

(6) Johnny: he was good (a nice place to begin the adventures of me) but we are of different mindsets and different worlds...a replay is not to be, i'm afraid!!

I am sure there will be others that will be joining the fun and games (including a sexy friend out in Cali--i see you peeking at me!!) and for anyone who reads my misadventures and wonders if I just make all this stuff up for shock value: just take a look at the picture and remember...it's always the INNOCENT LOOKING ones who disguise the secret sexy side...

carmel62764 53F

8/6/2006 8:11 am

    Quoting GhettoBootyLovr:
    OMG!!! I'm not #1????
    I like the bent over shot better myself, cuz it shows those sweet lips. We'll have to take some more next time for sure.
you are so silly FUBU!! this is a just a list of those that have either been with me or i hope to meet with (in the case of Chris)...not a ranking of who was better!! you might want to remember that you are the only one who got to snap pics of me--not to mention that you were the 1st one to do that on the 1st goround!! and we will take more pics--AND some other things that we will discuss...just 'cause you my baby daddy!!

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