damned if i do...  

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9/2/2006 2:39 am

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damned if i do...

are all my postings song titles? it may seem that way but i will go so far as to say the answer is no!! but when you're up at 4:15 and listening to Alan Parsons Project, what does one expect? I haven't heard the song in quite a while (the last time was in '96 when i had a compilation CD) so it was a natural choice to listen to that particular song, especially in light of what's happened lately concerning Chris.

He has sent me messages stating that I was "playing games" and I wasn't serious about being with him--and he even went to far as to accuse me of lying about the time frame that I was with Wayne (Rule #1: NEVER call the carmel one a liar--unless you have solid proof to back you up and then you still don't do it and Rule #2: don't try to pull a scam on carmel 'cause she KNOWS the nature of the beast and will KILL IT 1st chance she gets), which not only pissed me off but made Wayne want to find Chris and make sure he disappeared PERMANENTLY!

Message to future lovers: if you are SERIOUS about wanting to be with me, may I suggest that you put forth some SERIOUS EFFORT when it comes time to actually meet...and if you are seeing another woman or are married, be honest with me about it--i'm either gonna tell you "yes" or "no", but please don't take it upon yourself to do my thinking for me!!

Chris seems to think that I am a fool--yes i am a "hopeless romantic" of sorts, but never think that i am a "fool"!! i had someone recently that i met from AdultFriendFinder that tried to pull that "meet and greet" on me but wanted to lie about what he looked like...he was BLACK and presented himself as a WHITE MAN!! apparently he thought that once we met that i would change my mind about him and just sleep with him--do you suppose he realized what the answer to that query was when I walked away from the meeting and didn't even hear what he was calling after me saying?

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GET THE THOUGHT INTO YOUR HEAD THAT BECAUSE I AM ON HERE LOOKING FOR A MAN THAT I WILL TAKE JUST ANY MAN!! desperation always leads to disaster for most people...carmel WILL NEVER allow her heart to be trampled by any man anymore! i can not afford to be hurt by anyone--not Chris, not some stupid ass man trying to run a scam, NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

stay in your lane, keep your hands on the wheel, and don't fuck around with a woman who can see five miles ahead of where you are and knows the highway better than you do!! unless you want ME to drive...

carmel62764 53F

9/2/2006 8:01 pm

    Quoting GhettoBootyLovr:
    Get off my ass crazy lady. You're driving too damned fast. Slow it down. Turn your lights down. DAMN woman. LOL.
"left, right, center...left, right, center...left, right, center..." all things considered, i should've jumped put the car while it was moving--but i'd have left my CD behind!! NOT!! LOL

why u trippin' FUBU?? you in need of a carmel fix? does my baby daddy need a Hoover powered head job? you know how to get here...

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