What happened next...  

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5/21/2006 3:26 am

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5/23/2006 1:47 am

What happened next...

"Knock, knock, knock!"

OMIGOD... the couple I had emailed was now online. What do I do? Should I wait for them to get ahold of me? Should I initiate the contact so they know I'm serious? Why haven't they contacted me? Is this thing even working? How do I know?

I was so busy fretting over whether the damn connection was working that it took almost a minute to notice they were sending me an instant message and wanting to chat. They told me that if I could see the camera icon next to their name, I could click it and watch them on their webcam. I did so and was shocked to see Lori sitting on Rob's lap, sitting on his cock. Their bodies were bathed in sweat. Sweat and other things, but I'll talk about that later. They said they were sorry, but I had just missed a really good fuck that they had shared while reading my email and viewing my profile.

Rob moved his fingers over Lori's clit and she laughed so hard that she pushed not only Rob's cock out of her cunt, but a large load of his cum as well. She reached down and caught it on her fingers, then lifted them to her mouth and licked them clean. When she laughed, I realized that I could hear them... actually hear them. I typed a question asking if they could hear me, too and they said they couldn't. They thought it might be easier if all I had to do was type, but that it might also be fun for me to be able to listen to them at the same time.

What a relief, because I wouldn't have had any idea what to say to them. Looking at their sex pictures was one thing. Here they were on my computer screen, naked and freshly fucked... and I could look and listen without any pressure. Lori excused herself to get some refreshments while Rob asked me some questions about what I had discovered about myself sexually since my divorce. While I hadn't had sex with anyone, there wasn't much to tell. I had gotten curious about what exactly an orgasm was and why I hadn't had one. A girl at work had suggested that I get a vibrator and some porn and find out, which is exactly what I did. And it was all I had done for the past 2 months.

To be completely honest... god, this is going to sound so weird and I can't believe I'm sharing this. When I bought the vibrator I had absolutely NO IDEA how to use one or where to put it. I tried, but I couldn't figure it out. The next day I had a doctor's appointment and I asked the doctor how exactly a woman has an orgasm. He stammered and stuttered, then gave me the clinical version and I was like... "okay, what the heck is a clitoris and where is it?" I actually pulled the vibrator out of my purse and asked him where the hell I was supposed to use it. He had me hold it and turn it on, then he guided my hand to my clit. Now I knew where it was and it felt good. And I had my first orgasm ever in about 30 seconds while my doctor watched. I am so embarrassed! I didn't change doctors though... I get real wet when I get my exam now and he knows why... and it's such a great tease since he can't do anything about it. I'm such a sick puppy sometimes.

Over the next hour, we chatted back and forth about all kinds of things to watch out for in potential partners that I meet online, how they got started with this type of thing and so on. Lori then excused herself, as she had to be up early for work. Rob excused himself, too... saying he'd be back in a few minutes after seeing Lori off to bed. Lori said good night and that she hoped to talk to me again soon, then the two of them left me alone for a few minutes.

Rob returned with a giant tub full of sex toys and as he held them up he asked me if my current vibrator was similar to any they had in their collection. They had several that were identical and Rob joked that if I ever did come over at least I'd be familiar with some of the equipment. In their profile they had mentioned that they liked to video tape their sex with each other and other people and I asked about that and whether it was a requirement. Rob replied that it was great if things worked out like that, but they had no expectations. He said that often times their partners didn't like to be filmed, but that they loved to hold the camera and video Lori and Rob together.

Rob continued to explain that he had been a producer of amateur porn since the 80's and that he and Lori still offered their private movies to their friends and occasionally for sale. On occasion, some of their partners did enjoy filming with them and enjoyed giving professionally editted copies back to their partners as a memento.

A window popped up on my desktop. Rob was trying to send me a movie he had shot of him, Lori and a woman they occasionally saw that they had met on AdultFriendFinder. It was titled and had lovely music and was really something to behold. Lori and Rob looked great and the other girl, while not what I would call beautiful, was very sexy. The movie ran about 10 minutes and Rob explained that what I had seen was a preview... and that the actual whole movie was 7 hours long. They had shot it over a couple of visits and it was so hot and raw. I got so wet watching it that I ran to the bathroom to change my panties.

When I returned we continued to talk about this and that and he answered a lot of questions for me. We learned a lot about each other and I felt very comfortable with him right away. I was shocked when I saw Lori step back in front of the camera. We had been talking all night. Oops! Did I break a rule? Did Lori feel like I was poaching in her patch for being up with her man all night?

Hardly! We laughed and joked for a little bit, then Rob excused himself. While he was gone, Lori explained that she was going to be tied up for a few weeks with work, but was really hoping we could actually meet sometime. She went on to suggest that since Rob and I apparently hit it off so well that perhaps I would be interested in getting together with him between now and whenever she could join us?

I practically pounced on my keyboard typing "YES." Uh-oh... was she serious or was this some kind of test?

Lori said she had to run out the door, but she'd talk to me later and I could work out the details for getting together with Rob. She blew me a kiss and I heard her and Rob kiss as she left. Rob returned and after getting caught up on developments, he asked if I thought I wanted to meet up and have some fun.

And we did, but we'll get to that next time. C-ya!

rm_zahuma2 51M
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5/21/2006 7:29 am

Reply continued ....

1. Knock knock knock: Even if you are the needy one, never initiate the talk. Be a mystery.

2. Missed the good fuck: I agree, you must have missed it if they were sweating. They must have had a good time.

3. Ate the cum: Yummy

4. Vibrator & porn: Something is better than nothing.

5. Sick pussy: No, you are not. That's how everybody starts learning. It was good that you consulted the doc or you could have had some gyne trouble if you used the vibrator without knowing.

6. They left you alone for a few minutes: Lat's see what happens next.

7. Filming: Not good ... Sex is for enjoyment & not filming.

8. Rob porn producer: That's why he wanted to film you.

9. Watching film: It's good to see porn, it helps to satisfy yourself.

10. Lori's return: Yes, she must have thought so.

11. Getting together: Well, here I would say that If he was a porn director then you should have stayed away.

12. You met: OK .... but I'm sure you didn't get yourself filmed

Did you?


midcitiescouple 53M/54F
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5/21/2006 9:23 pm

No, she didn't get filmed at all... did you, dear? And that's really not a picture of her sucking cock, either.

But he's right, Cari_Bear... you should have stayed away from the big, bad porn director. "Sex is for enjoyment & not filming." What? Everyone stop watching their porn right now. We obviously aren't enjoying it.

For the record, we met with Cari_Bear for sex... regardless of whether any of us wanted to film or not. Perhaps someone missed the point where Cari explained that most of our AdultFriendFinder contacts do not choose to be filmed, but DO choose to film Lori and I together. We're not on here looking to force men or women into porn. I hire models, actors and actresses for that. That's largely separate from what Lori and I look for, although there is an occasional case where someone we meet through here decides they'd like to try the work themselves. Believe it or not, we try to discourage that as we generally don't play with those we hire for work.



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