OMIGOD!!! My first (blog) entry...  

cari_bear 46F
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5/21/2006 2:23 am

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5/23/2006 1:47 am

OMIGOD!!! My first (blog) entry...

Hi and thanks for taking a moment to read my first blog entry on AdultFriendFinder (AdultFriendFinder). I guess I should say a little about myself, for those that haven't read my profile. I am a 30-something blonde, 5ft 4in woman who could probably stand to lose a few pounds. I'm divorced with one child and following my divorce I relocated to the Dallas, TX area to begin my new life.

Part of that new life was giving myself the opportunity to satisfy my sexual curiousities. I married very young and until my divorce I had only had sex with my husband. I hadn't enjoyed sex with my husband much. Most likely that was because I really didn't know there was anything to enjoy. It was something he did to me every few days.

To be perfectly honest, a sexual encounter with my husband consisted of my hearing him come through the door after a night out drinking with his buddies, kicking down the covers and removing my panties, licking my fingers and rubbing it around my pussy and waiting for him to climb on top of me and shove his dick inside. He would hump me for a couple of minutes, stick his finger up my asshole and cum. Then he'd get up, wash off his dick and go watch TV on the couch.

That's it. That was my whole sex life. Pretty miserable, huh?

I was on my AdultFriendFinder network page a few minutes ago and noticed a message to me posted as a bulletin. I read it and smiled as I remembered my own perspective of the subject matter. The bulletin read:

"Thanks for the wonderful "return engagement." If anyone ever wants a delightful playmate... you're it, CB. Tell me if I left anything out. Lori and I sucked you off, Lori and you sucked each other off. Both of you sucked me off. Lori sucked me off while I ate your squirting pussy. I fucked Lori's pussy dog-style while Lori sucked you. I fucked Lori's ass while you ate my ass. You licked the sauce from Lori's ass and pussy while I fucked you. Lori licked your pussy clean and the two of you sucked my cock while you both fingered my ass. Did I miss anything? If I did, then we'll just have to do it over again, won't we? Thanks again, CB. Give us a call anytime. R&L"

A little more than a year ago (soon after I moved to Dallas) I was playing around on my computer one night and happened across AdultFriendFinder. I'll admit that I had earlier inbibed of some alcohol and was feeling a little randy. Just for fun, I signed up and completed a profile. I made myself be very honest with what I would like, and just as important, what I would not like in a sexual encounter. I didn't want a regular relationship. I didn't want to date. I just wanted to find a person or people and try a variety of sexual acts that I had heard of (and many that I hadn't, but got very turned on reading what they were). I hadn't thought about sex with a woman. But I hadn't NOT thought about it, either. I figured I might as well try that, too.

When I opened my email the next morning there were tons and tons of replies from men, a few from women and even a few from couples. Couples? That sounded like something I'd like. I read the emails from the couples, but didn't really see anything like I was looking for. Then I noticed that I had also received one of those AdultFriendFinder Cupid Reports. I took a look at it and there they were... number 2 on the list. At the time their AdultFriendFinder handle was txcouple4bifem and they had a wonderful profile (this was back when you could still see profiles and email anyone for free... the good ol' days). They now list here under the handle midcitiescouple. If you are female and love couples... I highly recommend them.

Their profile had a good photo of Lori's face being sprayed by Rob's cum. It had nude body pics and face pics so there wasn't much left to the imagination. I liked that. They looked like normal people, but confident and sexual normal people. They had filled out every piece of information in exquisite detail and were very specific about what they were looking for in a partner. There was one line in their profile that really stood out. It said "Please remember that we are very frank and open in discussing sexual matters because through the years we've been doing this we've found that if you can't say it, you can't do it." Wow! That was a revelation and a half! "If you can't say it, you can't do it." That simple statement told me that I should seriously consider contacting this couple and seeing if there was any chance of meeting.

I screwed up my courage and wrote a quick email to them, then held my breath all day waiting for a response. In my email I explained that I was a complete and utter sexual novice, but was entirely open to experimenting with many, many scenes. I continued to say that I would understand if they did not think I was experienced enough to be a partner for them, but implored that I would be pleased if they could give me a little guidance on meeting people online and exploring my sexuality. I also promised that I would be frank in discussing anything with them, although I may not know many of the words at first.

I received an auto-reply a little later saying that they would be online late that evening and that if I used Yahoo Messenger we could chat in real time and have some fun. I know... that violates AdultFriendFinder policy and it's a good policy that I USUALLY practice. However, I also thought a spare mailbox could come in handy and I was curious about seeing web-cams and stuff. So I set up an account and added them to my friend list and stared at the screen all night waiting for them to appear.

I'll continue this in my next post... C-ya!

rm_LoyalCumpany 47M
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5/21/2006 2:43 am

OK, just because I notice these things....

Why do you say your 30ish in your blog but you're listed as 24 on your profile?

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

rm_zahuma2 51M
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5/21/2006 7:07 am

Welcome to blog land ....

Since it's a lengthy blog but I'll go through it & give the para wise feedback.

1. Beginning new life - Best of luck

2. Sex every few days - That's bad, should have been twice a day, every day.

3. Drinking with buddies: That's bad - One should always respect his wife & should always pamper her for she is not only his wife but mother of his kids as well.

4. Whole sex life: Yes, it sounds miserable.

5. Return engagement para: It's crude

6. Sign-up on AdultFriendFinder: It's nice that you are a member now and we are corresponding.

7. Tons of emails: I'm interested in girls couple & not man/woman.

8. If you can't say it, you can't do it: I agree

9. Wrote email: OK - something that you were supposed to do.

10. Yahoo sign-up: So, you have Yahoo ID now - We will exchange it when we become friends.

11. I continue the reply after seeing your next post.

Best Wishes

cari_bear 46F

5/21/2006 8:53 pm

    Quoting rm_LoyalCumpany:
    OK, just because I notice these things....

    Why do you say your 30ish in your blog but you're listed as 24 on your profile?
LoyalCumpany, you don't really expect every woman to tell their real age, do you?

Seriously, at the time I filled out the profile I wasn't sure how much real info I wanted to supply (plus I was a little tipsy). I can't play 24, but I can play 34 to a "T." I guess I'll get around to fixing that info someday.

midcitiescouple 53M/53F
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5/21/2006 9:09 pm

Hey sweetie! Thanks for all the kind words. What that Loyal guy said above? Funny, but when I checked your profile, AdultFriendFinder gave your age as 22 tonight. The accuracy of the information on here is questionable even if you give completely truthful results. I checked back to when I first checked your profile and it gave your age as 33 way back then. Go figure.

Oh, and to the guy that said what we put in that paragraph was crude... to each their own. That was taken from a private bulletin for those in my network. It also served to introduce Cari_Bear to newer members of my network and they certainly did not find it crude, but instead found it to be a clear indication that unlike so many phonies on AdultFriendFinder, Cari_Bear isn't all games and lies. Sorry you found it to be crude. If you did, then best of luck with Cari... she rather enjoys crudeness.

Thanks again, baby and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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