Cari_Bear gets broken in...  

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5/24/2006 1:34 am

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Cari_Bear gets broken in...

Lori stood in the doorway surveying the scene. I am naked and obviously well-fucked. Her boyfriend Rob is standing there buck naked with an erection quickly throbbing back to life. There are cameras and toys, lube and candy (we did some weird things with some chocolates), the place absolutely reeks of fucking... it was pretty surreal to me. She walked in, came over to me and smiled as she leaned forward to give me a friendly peck on the lips.

She told both of us to sit on the couch and masturbate each other while she filmed us. Rob and I sat next to each other, our legs spread wide while we fondled one another. I have one hand wrapped around his shaft and I am stroking it hard and fast when something finally dawns on me.

Before this day the only man I had ever fucked would not have been able to pick my pussy out of a short line-up because he had never bothered to even look at it and I had been to dumb to insist that he did. And within a few short hours I am sitting on my couch freshly fucked with my pussy spread wide open by a guy whose girlfriend is filming me jack off his dick. What a difference a few hours can make!

I'm sitting there enjoying this revelation when Lori begins asking Rob questions about how my pussy feels and how good of a fuck am I and other things... like I wasn't there. They discussed me in very direct and dirty terms for about 20 minutes. Then Lori reversed the situation and questioned me at length about Rob. I answered her in the same way, as though he wasn't there and we discussed him rather candidly for about half an hour. There was something about the whole situation that was very sexy. I used words I had never used before even talking to myself in discussing our afternoon of fun. In these few hours I had lost every inhibition I'd ever had.

Winking as she asked, Lori asked me how I enjoyed fucking her man. I felt a little funny admitting to her that I really liked fucking him. She walked over and ran her fingers in my hair, then gently tugged me forward until I was sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Get on your knees," she said. "I want you kneeling before me while I strip for you. Then we'll see if you like what I want to do to you and then we'll see where our options take us. Now don't move."

She slowly moved around me, sometimes running her hands over my face and body as she shed her clothes. She pulled me up against her body and bent over as she began rubbing her breasts against my face. She cupped one of her large breasts and began rubbing its nipple against my lips, then instructed me to lick her nipple firmly while she guided my head with the other hand.

Lori pushed my head lower as my tongue traced circles on her hips and stomach, then way lower as I began licking the tops of her thighs. She pulled my head back and told me to look at her pussy. She slowly ran her fingers through her lovely red mound of hair and gently exposed her clitoris and flicked it several times with her fingers.

She then reached lower and spread her pussy open fully. She asked me if I could see how wet I was making her. She released my hair and sat back on the floor with her thighs spread wide as she fingered her pussy for a few minutes. Then she rolled over and lifted her beautiful ass high into the air and began finger fucking her asshole.

Lori asked me to do the same, so I turned around and got on my knees. I spread my pussy wide and began to fuck my fingers in and out. The next thing I knew Lori was behind me with her face pressed between the cheeks of my ass, licking my asshole like it was candy.

These goings on went on for a couple of hours and during that time I was fucked and sucked and fingered and toyed every which way. I literally could not close my legs from being ridden so many times by one or both of them. I had eaten pussy and learned how to make Lori cum several times on my own and many times when Rob and I would share the duty. The two of them licked, sucked and touched me constantly throughout and did the same with each other. The whole day was like a sexual summer camp. And when I could no longer keep my eyes open I literally crawled into my bedroom as they continued on.

I was awakened a little while later as they had finally had their fill and were leaving for home. Rob told me he'd call in a couple of days and if I wanted it, he'd have a copy of our afternoon movie ready for me. They then thanked me for a wonderful time, gave me sweet soul kisses and headed out into the night. They called me the next morning to see if I was doing okay with all that went on and if possible they'd love to see me again.

We've had great threeway, fourway and more-way sex together for the past year. They have a great network of friends very similar to themselves and I love how they share their leads and resources among their friends. My sex life has spun around 180 degrees and I cannot believe how much fun I'm having and how much I'm learning about myself.

Sorry to cut this short (yeah... short), but if I gave a complete narrative of our first time togehter I would be here for hours... and I can't do that because they're here right now, knocking on my door.

Here we go again...


LookandWink 64M

5/24/2006 7:58 am

Wow! I envy you! I wish I had such an opportunity! Wonderfullly sensual, sexy story! Keep writing Cari-Bear!

moistandpink1964 54M/53F
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5/25/2006 12:42 pm

Wow, we hope to attain your level of enjoyment through AdultFriendFinder. We are slowly building our network. Keep up the good work

AmourSpeckFully 51M

6/6/2006 12:24 pm

Now thats how ya spend afun day with your friends . Keep us posted sweety

pett222 65M

6/15/2006 4:09 pm



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