A bad date..  

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1/17/2006 8:26 pm

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A bad date..

Top Ten Signs You're on a Bad Date
(courtesy of David Letterman with some tweaks)

10. You can't think of anything else on your date except strangling the friend that set you up.

9. He seems to know an awful lot about your shower routine.

8. His multiple personalities begin arguing after dinner about splitting the check.

7. You find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time lifting his head out of the soup.

6. He's been on "Jerry Springer" three times.

5. After two beers, he starts calling you "mommy."

4. All she wants to talk about is how much she loves working for her boss, Heidi Fleiss.

3. Every place you suggest for dinner, he says "Nah--there might be cops there."

2. Insists that she was a virgin, but you know she was married to Sean Penn

1. He takes you to a Titans game.

I recently went on a double date for my birthday. As I previously posted, I decided to give an AdultFriendFinder guy a second chance to make his past mistakes up to me. The other couple was a blind date he set up between his friend and my best friend.

Neither date went well. My friend and his friend had no chemistry. His friend spent more time talking to me than he did my friend. He did not offer to buy her dinner or a drink.

My date and I just couldn't seem to get a good conversation going and he remained silent most of the evening. I ended up dancing by myself while he sat, nursing a beer and just being an ass. I did my best to try to make everyone feel comfortable but I could tell no one was having a good time.

Unfortunately, he decided to go his own way and not give me a fair chance. He has also decided to treat me horribly in the process. I am no longer going to try and contact him nor will I accept another invitation from him. Feelings aside, I will ask you this:

Tell me your worst date experience...what went wrong and how you handled it?

dasher121 37M

1/18/2006 5:37 am

I let her pick me up and drive. She talked more manly than me and very ghetto. Talking to her was like having a convo with a brick wall, hell! I would have preffered the wall!

Things were not going well but she wouldnt let me off the hook. Finally she took me to a party and left me in a room by myself while they wondered upstairs to blow some toot toot. So I grabbed a few beers, put them in my pocket, and walked 5hrs home.

carebearluv2 43F

1/18/2006 8:08 pm

Ughh Dash, that is a bad one but I would have done the same thing. I can fill an entire blog with bad date stories. I think my worst one was a guy I met on the internet that waited until we were at dinner to reveal he was schizophrenic. I wasn't sure which personality I was talking to at that moment, but I asked both of them to take me home!

slidein2meplz 63F
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1/20/2006 1:21 am

Carebear...this happened...more than 18 years ago...anyway...

I had a blind date with a guy who was the cousin of a lady I used to work with. We really hadn't talked much on the phone but he seemed nice enough and on the phone it was actually ok.

So the night comes that we are to have our date...OMG...My best friend was watching out the kitchen window when he pulled up and got out...and she said ... Oh no...oh..god no... course I'm thinkin...WTF?

So I go and look out the window.. NOW I'M FREAKIN.. this guy...I shit you not... looked like a throw back from some sort of I don't know what...just bad... he was gigantic huge/with a gut hanging over his belt ..in fact you couldn't see his belt buckle...he had hair practically to his ass...and a full ZZ top type of beard...neither of which looked clean...he wasn't dressed at all decent...dirty jeans, nasty t'shirt...So I'm at the window....and I'm saying...oh no..oh god NOOOOO...

TOO LATE. HE ALREADY SAW ME looking out the window....so before I left to go.. (I just really didn't want to go but I also didn't want to hurt his feelings or my co-workers feelings)...anyway... I excused myself for just a second and got my friend and said...look... find someone to watch the kids... and you get yourself to the Bum Steer sometime around 9 ish...and try not to let him see you...LOL.... and I will just make some sort of it's not you..it's me sorta thing...and yada, yada, yada... nice to meet you but it's not going to work out.

Ok..so the plan is set. We go to his truck...and first thing he does..is he takes this huge machete knife/sword..whatever it is...and shoves it under the seat. I'm thinking ...oh great...but.. I still get in.

He takes me to this hole in the wall dive way the hell in bum fuck egypt...where people actually ride their horses to....and we have dinner. All the while.. people.. friends of his are coming by...and oh..this is your date...and boy aren't you lucky... and on and on. It sucked. I hated it... he wasn't my type... I was mad at myself for being "nice" and going thru with this date.

He was nice... but he just wasn't at all my type of guy. In any way shape or form. So, finally he ask's me if there was something or somewhere I'd like to go.. course.. I say..hey lets go to the Bum Steer....

So we get to the Bum Steer... I'm nonchalantly looking around...and I finallysee my friend... we give each other the hi sign...lol... she indicates that she'll be outside...I wink at her..she winks back... and out the door she goes.

I turn to the guy...and I say my little speech...and he acknowledges the brush off fairly decently...I tell him my friend is here and will take me home...and so...I leave...get in the car with my friend... we drive across the street... we see him leave... we wait... 10-15 min's... and go back to the Bum Steer..and had a hell of a good time.

I've never in my life been on another blind date. I think this experience...is why I am so adamant about a picture being provided. I just hated feeling trapped like that.

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

carebearluv2 43F

1/20/2006 9:23 pm

Jean...thanks so much for the laugh! I have had the most awful dates with the most misleading men. I always insist on a pic but that doesn't always help unfortunately. I will keep trying though. As Norprin told me, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.

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