i give up  

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10/28/2005 10:56 pm

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i give up

" They say hold on to your dreams
That plays good on TV
But never worked for me
So now I need to find a way to occupy my time
Until the day I die
'Cause I give up
I give up
It's gone so wrong, so long
It's gone so wrong
So wrong
So long
I give up .. "

A special thanks to Sam for putting it so much better than my own words could have done. For what it's worth though, here's an old song of my own which carries a somewhat similar sentiment ..

The end ~
" sometimes these things don't go as planned
the moment slips right through your hands
you try and hold it but it breaks,
don't blame yourself 'cause that's just fate.
although we've made it to the end ..
we both know I'm all a mess .. "

Yes. It is all true.

It is with a heavy heart that I now bring you what may likely be the final report from Zipperland ... not that it's likely going to matter much either way I would suspect, but like most things when the rain comes down this heavy it's sometimes hard to see what lies beyond our immediate reach ...

I considered going out with a bit of a flourish, a whirl of color and sound and sparkling things to flicker long into the night as you, the adoring public, contemplate my final words here ..

With a mischevious grin it also occured to me that I'd not once spoken here, within the confines of Zipperland, a single direct word of a sexual nature .. and I contemplated sharing with you all a tale that you'd most surely find a stimulating read ..

( sometimes of course, though all I truely need in this world is to be held not unlike a giant teddy bear, there are indeed those days where my sexuality kicks up a notch, leaving me with that desire .. that need to be tied up and used until I'm too sore to move even were I not bound )

But alas, perhaps 'tis best I leave you all on a more simple, respectful note than that. In the end it's not attention I crave, you see. Being alone comes disturbingly naturally to me.

No, though it's hard to put a finger on exactly what it might be that I *do* crave, even were I to know with certainty this is perhaps a matter beyond the constraints of the Land of Zipper's ability to convey.

If any of you, the adoring public either robot or non, care to leave me a response I'll surely recieve them and reply as best I'm able, though will only likely do so for the next 48 hours ...

So leave your thoughts, your words, your laughter, your tears ... and perhaps even your warm teddy-bear hugs or deliciously dirty thoughts of using my bound body ... whatever it is your hands may desire of you to allow them to share ...

Until then farewell, and take care ...

captainzipper 45M

10/29/2005 5:42 pm

Thank you BigGirl for the warm, thoughtful farewell.

Your hug and yes, even the soft touch of your lips upon me have most definitely been felt ... your warm arms serving to hold back my own farewell tear from falling, the tingling little kisses felt in *just* the right places ...

For what it's worth, I will likely be writing another short report later this evening .. and there's also every chance that Zipperland will in one form or another return, though most likely not here ...

I'd have liked to send you a message directly, but alas since I'm not *Mr. Popular* since there's no longer a pic of my exposed body on my profile, I'm unable to send emails via this system unless in response ... so on the chance there *are* things best said in private please do feel free to write ...

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