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In this special report from Zipperland we bring you the second half of our recent interview with R.
Q : So you've been recently quoted as stating we live in a robocentric culture, would you care to expand on this a bit ?

R : Well, I really have no idea what you're talking about.

Q : You don't recall the statemet ?

R : To be honest we're living in a very dated 100 year old culture that simply slaps on a new pair of jeans and we call it *modern*. You know, slap on a new facade every decade or so to give the appearance of progression but that's all it is ... a new face on an otherwise stagnant culture.

Q : OK then ... So how is recording going on your latest project ?

R : Slowly but surely for the most part. I've actually got a finished record in the can but wasn't happy with it so I've just continued to record new material and have been much happier with the results thus far.

Q : One final question for this session ~~ What do you think about butterflies ??

R : Sometimes they can be sexy as hell.

Thus concludes our short but revealing interview with the mighty R. For a full transcription of the interview including many more questions not seen here due to spacial constraints feel free to contact us.

It is rumored that R himself will be taking a break from his busy schedule to talk a bit more about Zipperland, and his often times overwhelming fascination with the sound of zippers opening ... stay tuned.

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