sensual massage for the ladies  

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7/12/2005 8:48 pm

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sensual massage for the ladies

You start out not feeling particularly horny, but your shoulders are bothering you. I say I’ll give you a massage. To get the full effect of the massage we need to use some baby oil. I say you don’t have to get completely naked, you can leave just your underwear on. You take your top off and your pants. You have a kind of see through bra on, but that has to come off anyway so I can rub your whole back. You take your bra off and get into bed. Now you just have panties on, they are pink and fit just perfectly around your shapely ass, they are also the slightest bit sheer, I can see a hint of your butt crack threw these lovely underwear. You lye down on your stomach and I put a little oil on you. It is somewhat uncomfortable for me with my jeans on so I decide to take them off. You see that I already have a hard on, but what else is new right. I start on your upper back and shoulders. Just spreading the oil around and loosening you up a bit. Once your back is well lubricated, I start to get firmer with my pressure. You are really starting to relax. I rub your shoulders, arms, and neck. Then I start to go down your back. Running my hands around your waist, up and down your whole body following your spine. I gently run my hands around the front of you, caressing the sides of your breasts. You are starting to feel pretty good. After some time on your upper body I work my way down to your lower back. Rubbing and massaging around your waist and your hips. I massage your butt cheeks. Rubbing them around, spreading them out just enough so that you can feel your pussy lips open up a bit. You are starting to get really turned on, but I am just really getting started with this rub down. I go down to your thighs, squeezing them and caressing them from the inside all the way around to the front of them. I gradually work my way down your legs, massaging your calves. I don’t miss a single spot. I reach your feet. I take one at a time and rub them completely and firmly, taking my sweet time. Even caressing your toes and ankles, I give them a little kiss. Then I go back up your legs, going ever so slowly, massaging your whole legs, one by one. I give your butt a few more caresses, I kiss your inner thigh, I can start to smell your excitement. Your legs are getting restless, you are moving them around and you are in dire need of some gratification. Meanwhile my cock has grown enormous. I go back up to your shoulders, I kiss the back of your neck and around your ears, you are loving every bit of this. You feel my massive erection gliding across your butt cheeks. Our thin layer of underwear is the only thing keeping us apart. I gently push my dick in between your legs, you feel it trying to go in your now wet pussy. You are moaning for me to give it to you by this point. I go back down to your ass, the site of it with these pretty pink panties is like a work of art. I could just fondle and rub it for hours and hours. I start to kiss your lower back, running my tongue along your panty line. I am rubbing your ass and hips, spreading your cheeks apart. Your pussy is now saturated and quivering. I pull your panties down just enough to kiss the very top of your butt crack, I lick all around your ass. I run my tongue down your cheeks, following your panty line down to right between your legs. I pull your panties into your crack a bit, now the majority of your ass cheeks are uncovered. I really start to lick, suck, and kiss your whole ass. Meanwhile, my hands are caressing you from your butt right down to your feet. I push my tongue into your panty-covered pussy. You can feel the heat and moisture from my tongue, and I can taste your juices beginning to soak through your wet panties. You can’t take it any more, you pull your panties off and tell me to stick my huge, throbbing dick in your pussy and fuck the hell out of you. I tell you not yet. I make you stay on your stomach. Then I start to eat your pussy from behind, licking all the way up to your ass crack. I pull you close to the edge of the bed and I get down on the floor. Your legs rest up on my shoulders and I start to go to town. You are still face down. I start using my fingers as well as my whole face; my tongue, my chin, my whole mouth. You are moaning, you have a feeling inside that you haven’t experienced in a very long time. You’re ready to cum like you haven’t in your life. I put my finger in your pussy and then start to lick your asshole. You are going absolutely crazy, it’s a feeling you wish you could experience more often. My finger is gliding in and out of your wet pussy and my tongue is completely in your asshole, licking your entire crack from top to bottom. My dick is ready to explode just by doing this to you. After about twenty minutes or so of me licking your ass and fingering your pussy, you are about to burst. I can feel you start to shake, your pussy starts contracting, and even your ass is beginning to quiver. Your moaning gets louder and more intense. Your legs are shaking and twitching. You are gasping for air as this incredible orgasm takes over your whole body. Your entire nervous system is going out of control. You have big goose bumps all over your body. Finally it happens, you let out a deep grunt from within your sole. Your legs squeeze together pulling my head even further and tighter into your crotch. I pull my tongue from your ass and put my entire face against your pussy with my tongue going right in deep. Your pussy actually starts squirting out fluids, I have never seen this before nor has it ever happened to you before. It tastes wonderful, you are squirting me right in my mouth and chin with whatever this tangy fluid is. Your legs are still wrapped around my head tight. Your whole body is shaking tremendously. You release about five or six pulses of this lovely juice, and it comes out with a lot of force. I don’t know if it is your cum, or urine, maybe a mixture of both. You can’t control it and I love it. Just to see you get off this hard is all I need to satisfy myself. I have semen dripping out of my cock without even touching it. Once you are finally done, you can’t even get up, you have “jelly legs.” You’re speechless and out of breath. I have your sweet love-juice all over my chin and mouth. This was by far the most intense orgasm you have ever had in your life, and it all started with you not really even being in the mood….

ontimein99 56F
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7/12/2005 9:55 pm

That was really great! If it was that good reading it I can only imagine how it would be for real.

captaindischarge 46M

7/12/2005 11:02 pm

i have lots more too, some already typed up, infinet ones left in my head, would write one for you if you have an idea you'd like to here, with my spin on it of course

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