Four is good too!  

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11/25/2005 3:07 pm

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Four is good too!

One day my friend called and ask the I not make any plans for SAturday afternoon and evening. Thinking I knew what was coming I of course agreed.

When Saturday afternoon came my friends showed up with a surprise, and was she beautiful. In her 30's tall, slim, and the color of light coffee. I invited them in and on the way by my friend's wife whispered "let's not be in a big hurry to go out."

I started getting a little irritated, as it occured to me my friends had developed a new trick. As a confirmed single man I had many times refused to go out on blind dates set up by my friends. I thought they had just come up with a way to make me go out with someone, bring them to my place where I would be too nice of a guy to say no.

Once everyone had their drinks our new frien said "he's even better looking than you said!" Being a little embarassed I just said "thanks."

After some more discusssion our new friend looked at my friend's wife and said "I would like another drink." My friend jumped up and said "we'll take care of it" and all but dragged me to the kitchen. Once there he asked what I thought of our guest and I said she was cool and hot, and he said "I know what you mean. Do you have a problem with her color?" Shocked and insulted I said of course not. He said "I just needed to know, that's all."

When we were done mixing the drinks and came back to the living room the girls were gone. H smiled and said "let's check the bedroom" and went down the hall with me in tow. When we stepped in to the bedroom there were two naked women sitting on the end of my bed!

My friend's wife looked at us and said "you got the signal but it ttok you so long we started without you." With that she started caressing the new lady's breast and reached between her legs and began caressing her pussy.

I looked at my friend and said "I never would have guessed she's bi" and he answered "you ain't seen nothing yet!" as the two women slowly worked in the 69 position and started doing some erious pussy eating. Let me tell you, I was hard as a rock standing there holding two drinks!

After they both had cum, my friend;s wife said "here's the deal, you can sick your cocks in wherever you want, but you can only cum in a mouth, otherwise it will get too messy" and went back to eating pussy. Not needing anymore encouragement I put the drinks on the night stand on one side and got undressed. The side of the 69 that was to me was my friend's wife's head and the new comer's ass. Not sure what exactly to do I got on my knees and worked my way in close. As I did my friend's wife looked up at me and reached thru and guided my cock into the other woman's pussy! It was a first for me! As I slid into her tight pussy my friend's wife began gently stroking my balls as she went back to eating pussy.

The feel of hot breath on my cock as it drove in and out of the pussy was unbelievable! As I pounded and she ate out new friend came so powerfully she actually soaked my cock with pussy juice instantly. As I continued to drive into her hanging onto her hips, my friends wife says "my turn, I want to suck her pussy juice off your cock!"

I pulled my cock out of the pussy and aimed it down, shoving it into her mouth. As I did that the other woman pushed her ass back into me mumbling something. Looking up I found out why she could only mumble, my friend's cock was shoved deep into her mouth! As I watched he took his cock out of her mouth and lowered himself, working it into his wife's pussy.

When I saw that I took my cock out of his wife's mouth and shoved it back into our new friend's pussy again. As both of us were fucking again the girls went back to eating each other's pussies. When they came again, I was on the verge of cumming myself.

I Pulled out for a moment and our new friend said "time for some one-on-one" and got off of my friend's wife. My friend and I stepped back and the women laid down on the backs, our new friend on my side of the bed. Without delay I mounted our new friend and began fucing her for all I was worth. Looking over, I saw both my friend and his wife watching us as they fucked. Suddenly, I felt the urge and said "I'm going to come!" With that my friend and his wife changed position so they were ninety degrees to us and my friends wife's head resting on our new friends stomach. I started fucking again after the position shift, and it didn't take long. I pulled out and raised up, her head was in perfect position for me to face fuck her. I shoved my cock in her mouth and came instantly! Looking over just then I saw my friend pull out of his wife's pussy and shoot his cum all over her stomach. My "date", seeing this pushed me away and got in a position to suck his now used cock. After he stopped sighing, she did possibly the hottest thing I have ever seen, she licked his cum off his wife's stomach, getting every drop.

We got dressed and moved back into the living room and drank our now luke warm drinks. As we were sitting there our new friend made the remark "I would let you two hose my face any time!" I just agreed. She looked at me and said "you got to fuck me, but I never tasted your cock, how about it?" RIght there in the living room she stood up and stripped her way across the room as I pulled my cock back out. She knelt on the floor right in front of my chair and started sucking! I was soft, but it took about five deconds in her mouth to get a raging hard-on! My friend's wife walked over, also stripping as she came and knelt down between my legs too! The next thing that happened is one of my favorite sexual memories, the two of them took turns sucking my cock as our new friend slowly stroked it! My frind got up and started fucking his wife, the switched, then switched back again. He appered to be enjoying himself!

We moved to the couch and the girls took turns sucking our cocks, switching every minute or so. After a few "revolutions" they decided they needed fucked again and climbed on top of us on the couch and rode us up and down. After a minute or two, they switched. A debate developed between the woman as to who had the harder cock, me or my friend. They had us stand side by side and took turns squeezing and jacking and declared it a tie just as I was about to come. Our new friend took my cock deep in her mouth as I shot my second load for the afternoon! I had hardly finished when my friend pulled his cock out of his wife's mouth and shoved it into the new girls and came.

As we all sat around naked I joked about being irritated earlier about being set up on a date. The new woman looked at me all shocked and said "we can't go out on a date, someone that knows me might see us and tell my husband! He thinks I'm in Appleton shopping!"

I was dumbfounded! I had just fucked (twice) a married woman behind her husband's back. It suddenly occured to me that I had never ask! She looked at me and saw the surprise on my face and said "my husband's not as open minded as your friends, and I need men "drulling" over me, so this is what I do."

Looking at her siting naked in my living room, I suddenly had no problem with that!

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