Human addiction  

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7/22/2006 6:44 am

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Human addiction

A friend of mine called me last night to tell me that she's been the bearer of our "hoochie" crown again... Has been seeing a man she adores, but when her ex boyfriend called her up to ask her to dinner, she didn't hesitate to go. She adores the current man, loves the ex.

Got me to thinking about my "friend", with whom I've been on an on-again, off-again rollercoaster with... Is there love? Absolutely... The sex?? Stellar!! and passionate, playful, experimental... Romance? Yep... I once fell asleep in the car after a long day at work and a trip to OKC, and woke up with roses in my lap... awwwwww Friendship? The best. Companionship? Definitely.. So WTF is the deal???

In talking to Susan last night, I determined that there are certain people in your life that are there for a reason. Each person we meet brings something to our lives. Since the last time my "friend" and I were on-again, I've met some incredible men. A couple of them only brought a fullfilled sexual need, and then vanished... I'm cool with that. No regrets... Hell, I got what I wanted too. Another has given me a great and unique friendship; something I guess I've needed... the ability to laugh really hard, out loud; someone I can just be me around...

I know that in the quest for love, sometimes people have to take time to see if it's right. Especially after being "burned" or hurt. I believe this to be the case with Susan's ex boyfriend, as well as my "friend". However, in taking that time, is there the potential for them to realize that what they wanted all along was what they had?? What if they take too long....? It's possible that someone else will realize how lucky they were and snatch it up for themselves... Should there be a time limit on how long you'll wait? Play around in the meantime? People can break addictions; drugs, alcohol, smoking.......but how do you break an addiction to another human being??

Hmmmmmm mm mmm

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7/22/2006 5:40 pm

well said... well said. Created quite an image

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