canman2306 53M
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7/3/2006 10:12 am

Just so it is easier to get to know more about me.
This should be covienant for all, I am 42 drive a transport truck between Calgary and Vancouver twice a week. Its a nice drive but gets a little boring, the time i spend on the road i do not get a lot of time to see what is happening in the club or non club scence. I was told you can meet some very nice ladies on here. I have met with a few and they have been just lovely in person and conversation, we were just uncompatible. If you would like to meet that can always be arranged by using the hot place with this name. I do respond to whom ever sends me a page, email. So please ladies if you want to meet just send a note and the ones i have winked at might be able to reach me through here faster.

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