Never Settle  

canijustonce 37M
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6/11/2006 1:07 pm

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6/13/2006 7:59 pm

Never Settle

For all those people out there. Who were lucky enough to come across my blog fate has blessed You are now a better person for knowing me even a little. For that one certain person out there. Hang on.. have fun live life and one day our paths will cross. I am still looking for my true reason for living..........But until I find her.. Ready, Willing And Able to make my dent in this world. love life and it loves me back. I am still very young and people says the skys the limit...Their wrong, because I havent made the limits yet.

To all of my fellow soldiers out there. God Bless and Stand strong. We are always here for you

imLadyBambi 59M/51F

6/11/2006 2:23 pm

"Can Eye",

First things first - Soldier, you have all of my admiration and support. I salute you.

I'll save you the trouble of checking my profile - I'm unavailable because I'm 1/2 of a couple, I'm probably too old for you, and I live in Texas. However, if you might be interested in cyber fun via blogland, I invite you to check out my blog site (be sure to leave a comment so I know you visited).

Hope to see you in blogland!
Lady Bambi

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