wal-mart is hot  

candycoated4u3 53F
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2/24/2006 10:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

wal-mart is hot

Soooo off I go to wal-mart and met up with james4946 Yes He knows I am blogging him. Anyway, while walking around cutting up having a great time, i go to try on some skirts, the lady leaves and he steps in to my dressing room. Ok cool I think until he has me put my hands on the mirrors and my ass up, he starts sliding into me and I quickly responded. WOW he was hot.Needless to say i did'nt buy that skirt. We walked out of the store smelling like sex. He walked me to my car and asked me to put my hands on the hood, I did. Once again he did me like I needed to be done.His hands under my shirt pulling my breast. While behind me pumping me. It was better than a good night kiss

timberwolf6972 45M

2/24/2006 11:26 pm

I wonder why I can't get that lucky in Walmart? {=}

sassybelle21 33F  
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2/25/2006 12:17 am

Never had any hot Wal-Mart fun. Gotta try when I am back in America

rm_1SweetBitch 56F
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2/25/2006 12:47 am

Sounds like you had a good night...

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

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rm_james4946 55M
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2/25/2006 6:59 pm

Within a few minutes of meeting Candycoated at Walmart, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to keep my hands, or any part, for that matter, to myself. Didn't think she knew my suggestion to try on some clothes was a ploy to get her alone. It worked like a charm!!, even the employees took a walk. I gotta say sex in a dressing rooms a must for everyone, especially with a hottie like Candy. And everyone say's Wal-mart SUCKS!! I don't think that anymore!!

candycoated4u3 53F

2/25/2006 9:50 pm

sooo it was all a ploy! well my friend it worked and could work again. You are pretty hot I must say. We need to go to the mall the next time your around.And to think I use to hate shopping.

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