candyapple105 36F
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5/6/2006 9:07 am

It is so amazing to me how people are sometimes. If you are lez or bi, be who you are right?!!! Well that is not the case for those who call themselves GAY or LES. Some gay people, front and you know what it gets on my last NERVE!!!!! If you can walk the walk, vogue or do whatever, why in the hell are you frontin in public? Are you ashamed of who you are, the media, or what or maybe you are afraid for people to judge you.

Well here are my thoughts to that. Forget those people who judge you. You are going to be more stressed out than you can imagine. I am so sick of it. Can anyone understand what I am trying to say. I love being a lesbian, and I refuse to let anyone tell me about my life and what I should be doing. If I want to have a threesome, what business is it of yours. I know what it is, your probably curious that is why you hating on me. Well its ok, I am sure I will be able to turn you out. Shout out to all the gay guys!!!! I love gay guys, I mean they are the most friendly and smart people. I could talk to them about anything I am going through and it is likely that there advice is always right. SHOUT OUT TO THE LESBIANS DO YOUR THING LADIES!!!!!

goodguysneedit2 57M

5/6/2006 10:25 am

As a straight male I agree!
Contrary to yourself with gay males... I love some of the conversations I have with some real life lesbian friends.

I like them because they can make light of our differences, generally make no big deal about being lesbian (that I know of), they actually dig me and call me "stud"...LOL..and we routinely exchange ridiculous fliratations and challenges,not to mention the ability to discuss intimate issues. if I want insight to women, they are often my perfect choice for advisors!

So..in the opposite way..AMEN!

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