I'm back....almost!  

candy69sosweet 62F
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7/18/2006 7:17 pm
I'm back....almost!

Hello my sweeties! How I've missed you all!!!

I am here for a few minutes tonight on a borrowed puter. Just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I will FINALLY have internet access by next Thursday.

It's been a long, dry spell for me, but I have succeeded in utilizing the time well. I'm just about all unpacked, and my apartment is looking great!

To be honest,

See you all soon!

Kisses & Hugs,

~Friendship is a gift given from the heart and treasured forever~


7/27/2006 6:39 am

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! So glad to hear you are getting that "home feeling" Anxious to see ya start posting! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

keithcancook 61M
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7/23/2006 11:15 am

Goodie! I wanna see some pics!

Blog On!

1eroticjoe 57M
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7/20/2006 6:46 pm

It is good to hear that you are doing well. Must be exciting too!

rm_rover153 60M
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7/20/2006 9:44 am

Very nice "Digs" at that I must concur. Be nice to see with the furniture and "painting" done.


totally worn out and screaming
"WOO HOO what a ride!" Have a wonderful day!

docdirk 48M

7/19/2006 7:57 pm

We'll all be here waiting for the details!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

expatbrit49 63M

7/19/2006 1:05 pm

Cant wait to see it

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

funaddict65 54M

7/19/2006 5:13 am

Can't wait to have Sweet Candy back in the daily diet.....

fantasylover_05 63M

7/19/2006 4:48 am

Glad to hear you are settling in to your new digs!!

I have missed you as well!!

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