Have you ever been to Spain?  

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4/19/2005 6:54 am
Have you ever been to Spain?

I haven't either, but I've been to many other places. The one that stands out most is a trip to Italy back in '73. I was a senior in high school, and it was time for the senior trip. I had saved my money for a year, and fully intended to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. How often does a girl from a middle class, working family with seven kids get to go on a vacation out of the country? Probably never again!

April school vacation rolled around, and we were packed and ready to go. 30 students and 4 teachers headed to Boston's Logan International Airport. We took off about 10PM. I was so excited, I couldn't sleep. The most memorable sunrise of my life was witnessed the next morning as we flew east. Then, in the distance, I saw The Alps. These snow covered mountains were spectacular from the air! Next thing I new, we were approaching Italy! There was the boot! We landed at noon, and took a bus to our hotel.

We spent a week exploring Rome, Florence and the island of Capri. I've never seen anything since that compared to the Blue Grotto! I threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, which means that I shal return someday...as yet I haven't had the opportunity. I was pnched on many occasions, and very tempted to look at who was doing the pinching! Out teachers had instructed us to not look becasue that would enourage the pincher...who said I didn't want to encourage him?

Well, we left after the week was over, with many memories to take home with us. An audience with the Pope. Visits to the Coloseum, catacombs, so many piazzas and churches. The city was beautiful, the flowers on the Spanish steps were incredible. I still believe I will return someday...

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