about me and thinking nice thoughts for you  

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2/14/2006 5:37 am

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about me and thinking nice thoughts for you

Personality is a big thing for me, I can be a smart ass and like to get into wars of wits to say. I like a woman to be herself first then let her hair down and go from there.
I like a woman who is passionate and very open sexually.
Tell me your fantasy, maybe it will be in my possible control to fulfill.

What kinds of things do I like to do out of the bedroom I like to swim, fishing, walking or riding bike around the metro lakes, playing with my kids, daughter 14 and son 11.
In the bedroom, I like long love making, lots of foreplay, love the taste of a sweet pussy and play my tongue around a fully erected clit. You know what I like the best? Is when a woman is so into it that she enjoys that I am down there and pushes her legs on my back and forces me to hold her legs open and then squirts me in the face, then she falls back on to the bed exhausted and out of breath, but do I stop HELL NO, HEE HEE I get her flying again.
I like having oral done on me too, oh and cannot forget playing with your breasts, the breasts get everything going, like I have been told it's the breasts nerve ending that goes from the nipples to the clit and then all hell breaks out.
I love seeing 2 wet spots after making love, your sweat spot and our love juice pool.
do you like cuddling & snuggling? that is part of love making I think, the cooling down part

About me before we get to far, I am married, that is why I am looking for friends and if it goes to love making then it does. I am 6'1" 260 lbs, I was told that I am husky, not fat, but that is different with everyone's point of view, I am balding on top with curly brown hair, greenish eyes that turn blue when having a good time with someone, I work evenings and have mornings and one evening open. I have a picture and it is very badly taken.
I am not one to just jump from one bed to another so yes D&D free.
so with what I said I will let you decide if you want to contact me,if what I said intreges you and you find yourself saying I wonder what could happen between us, then you know we need to talk.
Have a great day

something to warm your morning and leave you with a peaceful thought the rest of the day.
Good morning,
I hope you had a very restful night and dreaming the wonders of what life has to bring you and that could only be happiness.
That the morning finds you smiling with good will and a peaceful beginning to the day.
When you leave for work or just out for fun, a cooling breeze gently brushes your hair back and tingles your checks like an angels kiss.
The warming sun slowly warms you to the awaiting day of fun and pleasure that you deserve no matter how hectic or relaxing the day is.
When you decide to have lunch or dinner out, what you order is brought to you and placed in front of you, and you say this is not what I ordered but the waiter says but yes, this is exactly what you wanted and it's a gourmet meal with all the trimmings. You receive your beverage and you take a taste and as it touches your lips it feels like your first kiss from your first love, soft, the caress for the liquid send chills through your body and the taste is over powering and leaves you speechless.
When your day is over and you are relaxed and ready for bed, you climb into bed and pull the covers over you. The covers warm you from the coolness of the sheets and the covers caress your body and make you feel secure and comfortable, your body hugs the covers back and you slip into a very restful slumber remembering the day and the last thing you do before you fall asleep, is smile. and I now say Good Night, see you in our dreams.

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