Ice is good!!  

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6/15/2005 5:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ice is good!!

A friend took me out to dinner and drinks last night after work. After which we went back to my place and had a very fun time. It is interesting how you can be so hot, and still get chills at the same time. Now we had slept together on a couple of occasions before, but it was always just plain vanilla sex. Last night he had a couple tricks up his sleeve and I was feeling so good. After pretending like we were going to watch tv for a couple of minutes we ended up making out for quite a while... I got up and told him to meet me in the bedroom and I would go get a couple of cool drinks for us.... I decided to strip naked in the kitchen and brought a couple tall glasses of ice water to the room... I am not going to go through all the detail because... well just because. But, he started giving me a massage and when he got to my ass he got a couple of ice cubes and rubbed them over each cheek making me jump a little saying how cold it was. He then really shocked me when a couple of minutes later he spanked each cheek really hard.... saying he had made them too cold now he was heating them back up LOL... I did kinda yelp more from surprise than any pain, but when I looked at him and smiled he got an evil little grin.
He got up, undressed himself, and pulled me over his lap where he alternated between ice and spankings for about 15 minutes... I never knew my ass could feel so hot and so cold at the same time, the cool water was running between my legs and probably turning to steam when it hit my opening... and it felt soooooooo good... he was obviously getting a thrill out of it too because he was trying to poke a hole through my midsection with his dick. I was getting so wet and turned on that I turned on him climbing on top... I grabbed a couple of cubes and held them on his nipples and I rode him hard...
That was the start of a great night of sex and new discoveries about him and myself too I guess.
Of course I left out a lot of details... I just wanted to explain why Ice is good!!!

until next time................ kisses

rm_YNGLookin 40
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6/23/2005 12:32 pm

I have a few tricks like that with ice but it involves it staying in my mouth . Let me know if you want to find out more about them...messbix@aol if your intrigues enough to find out

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